Flex Foam Finger Dunks & Watch All Fingers Point At ‘Em Kicks!

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foam-finger-dunksThere are shoe brands paying homage to their origins, and there’s Nike nodding to its athletic origin with its Foam Finger Dunks release. A whole new world of creativity between the two. Before we get more into details, you gotta save this code: dz5299-300. A high chance you’re gonna use it once you learn of all the good shit it holds. Don’t worry, Voodoo drops already passed, so you won’t be cursed or some shit for using that. Although that would be interesting, our power’s limit extends to kicks, and kicks only! Now, if Dunks ain’t your jam, there’s a whole list full of all Jordans dropping this December for ya!

Foam Finger Dunks dz5299-300: Stand Out Hand-To-Toe!

At this point, will y’all be surprised if we tell you that Nike sales have been on a constant increase for years now? And this year ain’t any different. I mean just take a look at the creativity the brand puts into its designs and you’ll get the memo. Innovation is a weekly rather than a yearly shit with the Swoosh! Take the upcoming Terra Forma as the utmost artistic drop. 

Foam Finger Dunks celebrate the foam hand, aka the foam finger. Which is a glove-like item you wear on your hand so people could know the team you support. Now, how will these kicks look? They’ll look like a color bomb fell on them! Let’s start with the green suede overlaying the pair, while blue leather dresses the swooshes. Printed in multi-colors and bearing #1 on the toe boxes and below the collars are foam fingers. Red accents on the tongues, white rope-like laces and icy blue outsoles finish up the look!


Release Deets 

Foam Finger Dunks will hit ‘em shelves on December 14, 2022, for $120. Now, if you’re one to cop multiples, then these kicks are definitely for you. They’re now reselling for $157 on average on the aftermarket. Who knows, maybe they’ll hit more than that by the time the release date arrives! 

How To Catch These Kicks? 

Catching exclusive kicks, like Foam Finger Dunks, off SNKRS tends to be a lil of a hassle. But not if you got a dope Nike bot by your side. Now you can’t guarantee to catch Ws. But what you can make sure of is having more odds at winning than any other person. However, you must know that not every Nike bot can do the work that TSB does. Mind you, with all the protection shit Nike’s coming up with these days, not any bot can prove useful in the copping game. But every other bot ain’t our business here. TSB is. This bot helps you cop from over 50 regions worldwide! All you need is $300 per YEAR!

You’ll also need the right proxies and Nike accounts to go with your bot to be completely set. The best lesson to learn from copping sneakers is that it’s a cut-and-try kinda thing. Meaning that you gotta have patience and be able to take a loss or two before catching a win. Good luck! 

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