How Condition Impacts the Value of Sneakers— The Full Guide

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Curious about the whole sneaker reselling scene? Sneaker reselling is this cool mix of a hobby and a money-making gig. Basically, you snag limited-edition or super in-demand kicks, then flip them for a sweet profit. It’s all about the law of supply and demand, and the condition of the sneakers really plays a big role in how much they go for. Although, some sneakers have their own rules of economics. In this article, we’re gonna walk you through how everything from the state of the original box to the kicks themselves can affect the final value of sneakers. So, get those laces tied tight, and let’s jump in!

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Which Factors Affect The Condition of Sneakers?

Sneaker reselling is about more than just making quick money. It’s also about understanding the market and keeping a keen eye on fashion trends. But, most importantly, knowing how the shoes’ condition and the box can drastically swing the value of sneakers and their selling price.
So, what decides if your sneakers are in top-notch shape or barely holding on? Let’s break it down:

Wear & Tear:
The more beat-up your sneakers are, the lower their condition. Scuffs, creases, discoloration, or any damage to the material all play a part. It’s like a sneaker battle scar – the more, the lower the condition.

Dirt, stains, and funky odors can be deal-breakers. Keep your kicks looking fresh, and they’ll be in better condition. A clean sneaker is a happy sneaker, right?

The Shoe Box:
Yep, even the box matters. An intact, tear-free, dentless, and non-discolored box can boost your sneaker’s overall condition. Some collectors are all about that original packaging life.

Sneaker Age:
Age isn’t just a number here. Older sneakers, if stored well, might still be kicking in better condition than some fresh-out-the-box ones. But, watch out – time can also do a number on materials, bringing down that condition.

The Usage:
How you use your sneakers makes a difference. If they’ve been through the wringer with sports or outdoor adventures, their condition might take a hit. On the flip side, if they’re more of a display piece, they’re likely in better shape.

So, whether you’re reselling or just flexing your collection, keep an eye on these factors. They’re the real MVPs of sneaker condition.

Value of Sneakers Vs. The Condition

Alright, let’s talk about the money game in the sneaker world and how the condition plays a major role:

Pristine Perfection:
Sneakers that are straight out of the box, never touched by human feet – these ‘deadstock’ gems are like the holy grail. Collectors and fanatics are all over them, willing to drop serious cash for that untouched, brand-new glory. It’s all about appreciating the value of keeping things minty fresh.

Worn, But Still Worthy:
Even if your kicks have been around the block, they can still fetch a nice sum, especially if they’re rare or in high demand. But watch out – any signs of wear, like creases, scuffs, or color changes, can bring down the value. The more beat-up, the lower the resale hustle.

Box Matters Too:
Don’t sleep on the box game. A squeaky clean, undamaged box can add extra dollars to the mix. Some collectors treat that box like royalty, and they’re ready to pay a premium for a sneaker that comes with its original packaging in tip-top shape.

Bonus Points for Extras:
It’s not just about the sneakers themselves. Additional goodies like extra laces, dubrae, dust bags, or those limited-edition tags? They can seriously boost the resale value. Lose or damage these, and you might see the price tag take a hit.

Got Them Fresh-Looking Kicks?

Do your sneakers check all, or some of the mentioned boxes? You’re in for a treat! The sneaker reselling industry has been around since sneakers first came out. But now, it’s easier than ever with sites like StockX, GOAT, and eBay at your fingertips. Though you might think it’s rocket science, anyone can do it. And to make your life easier, here’s a full-blown guide to reselling on Stockx, and another to selling on GOAT. Or maybe you’d like to broaden your horizons and compare which is best for you? Check out StockX vs. GOAT.

So, whether you’re in it for the collector’s dream or just looking to make some cash, remember – the condition is the name of the game. Keep those kicks fresh, and you might be walking away with a pocketful of extra dough.

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