5 Holiday Sneakerhead Gifts That Beat Santa Claws [2020]

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Have we met? Because if you’re looking for the perfect sneakerhead gifts, then you sure ain’t a sneakerhead! We’ve got you, newbs. The Holidays are right around the corner and we bet you’re prepping up something real special. If you’ve got a sneakerhead boo or bruh, here’s where you’ll find the best sneaker gift options! 

Just in case your wallet ain’t as fat as you hoped it’d be this time of year, check out these sneakerhead gifts under $30. This ain’t exactly boo material, but your bruh wouldn’t mind it. No true sneakerhead would complain about finding a sneaker cleaning kit under the jolly tree. That is, if you ain’t all pumped up about copping a fresh sneaker release. That ain’t your gig, we get it. Plus most sneakers worth buying on resale are usually pretty costly. So, we’ve got your back and budget covered with non-sneaker surprises.


Air Jordan AirPod Case

Although not an expensive Holiday gift, a silicone Air Jordan AirPod case is both useful and practical. It’s shockproof, super stylish, and works as a charger and chain. 

So, if you’ve got a Jordan fan breathing down your neck, consider getting them a whole bunch of these AirPod cases. You know, a color for every mood type situation. They’re currently selling for less than $8 each on Etsy, so you better act fast!


Nike Neon Sign

If you’re willing to pay up for your sneakerhead gifts this year, a Nike neon sign is the ultimate treat. The plus side to this option is the variety of neon colors and Nike sneaker models available. Put your detective hat on and do a little digging. What’s your secret Santa’s favorite Nike sneaker? What’s their favorite color? Because combine those two results and you’ve got yourself the perfect sneaker gift. Also helps if they’re scared of the dark or want to get their evening groove on sneaker style! 

You’re unlikely to find a Nike neon sign for under $100 though. You’ll even find ones selling for up to $450. Check out Nike neon sign options and prices here. If you’re thinking about buying this for your boo or best friend, you’re guaranteed to make their day!


Air Jordan Wall Clock

Ain’t no better way to keep your life on track! Do it for yourself, fam. Especially if the person you’re planning to gift has got some sloth genes. Help them set them up in their bedroom or the secret vault where they retire to cop sneakers. So, what are we doing when the big hand lands on the Jordan Flu Game this year?! 

You’ll find Air Jordan wall clocks selling in the $100 range on Etsy. Which is the perfect balance between cheap and fancy. It’s the safe budget you’ll want to spend on a special Holiday present. 


Sneaker Rug

Bet you didn’t think of that, did you? Nothing says “warm wishes” like a super cool sneaker rug. You can’t go wrong with a sneaker rug because of all the options you’ll find. If your bud’s got some sass, you’ll find “Kiss My Airs” floor mats selling for under $35 on Etsy. If they’re obsessed with looking at sneakers, you might want to go for sneaker-shaped rugs

For more sneaker rug options under $100, click here.


The Ultimate Sneaker Book

If your fam’s idea of a retreat is a reading nook and coffee brewing, think no further than this. Sneaker Freaker: The Ultimate Sneaker Book covers 100 years of sneaker history in about 650 pages! With fresh photography and freakishly detailed content, this book is the sneakerhead’s bible. You can buy a good copy for under $90

Click here for other sneaker book options that’ll make any bookworm weak in the knees!


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