Nike PG 6 Hot Wheels: Bringin’ Out Your Inner Child!

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pg-6-hot-wheelsPut the pedal to the metal and show ‘em how hot the wheels can get! On another note, please don’t do that. We don’t need no car crashes before the real hot wheels drop… or after, that is. And if you got no idea what we talkin’ about, Hot Wheels and Nike PG 6 are collaborating on the release of PG 6 Hot Wheels. And by the looks of it, expect your inner child to come alive if you had a shot at getting ahold of these kicks. 

Why Hot Wheels? Well, Gorge Paul has always been a car fanatic. And it seems that childhood nostalgia and his love for automobiles hit hard to come up with this collab. Mind you, Gorge ain’t the first to feel that kinda nostalgia. Wotherspoon and Adidas once teamed up with Hot Wheels on the release of an adventurous and colorful collection. In addition, the Three Stripes also joined forces with LEGO to come up with the most adventurous sneaker and apparel collection. Now before diving into the real shit, if you ain’t into colorful things you can always check the Black Phantoms… They’re now worth thousands on the aftermarket. 

PG 6 Hot Wheels: Takin’ Hot To A Whole New Level

Paul Gorge is known for his unconventional collabs. Take his Sony collaboration on a Playstation-themed colorway. But now he put Playstations asides, as his newest inspiration is Mattel’s popular toy, Hot Wheels. And just like Jordan 2 Chicago, PG is leavin’ no stone unturned. The theme takes over the whole show from the kicks themselves and the box to the packaging. 

The upcoming Nike PG 6 Hot Wheels looks like you gave a genius young artist a blank canvas to design his dream shoes. Reflecting the Red Wheels logo, the uppers feature a blue-red gradient starting from the midsoles to the collars. Toy brand deets add to the nostalgic vibe of the kicks. Notable details include reversed Swooshes lit in Hot Wheels flames on the lateral panels and Gorge’s number 13 on the other side. The tongues are covered in a black and white checkboard pattern as a nod to a race’s final lap flag. You can find the PG logo on the tongue of the right shoe, while the left takes on the Hot Wheels logo. 

More details include a white outsole with hints of orange throughout. Finally, the kicks come in a box with a red base and a blue flame surrounding the PG logo. Wrapping everything up is a co-branded paper with Hot Wheels, OG, and Nike logos all over.


All You Need To Know ‘Bout ‘Em Kicks

If you’re considering scoring these kicks, Nike PG 6 Hot Wheels will be hittin’ the shelves on November 19, 2022, for $120. And for y’all to consider the kicks doesn’t necessarily mean to flex ‘em. Although they do look hot to flex, flipping them is pretty worth it too. These babies are reselling for $221 on the aftermarket. So, the question is how exactly can you get the Hot Wheels? 

First off, you should have a good Nike bot on, like TSB. Users have been rocking that copping shit from more than 50 regions across the world. And to get a piece of that success, all you need is $300 per year! But never forget a great bot alone ain’t enough. So, make sure to have good Nike proxies and accounts to go with it for better chances at copping the kicks. And if you took a W… or Ws, hopefully, here’s a sneaker resale business guide to get you started on the game and help you make some good profit!

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