Is The Nike’s Off White Blazer Virgil’s Last Goodbye?

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The sneaker world is still not over Virgil’s passing, and that’s the hard truth man. But in his memory, Nike’s gonna drop a new collection that he designed before his death. Could it be the last collection that Virgil personally designed? Maybe, but we hope there are a lot more designs to come. Anyway, we’ll assume that the new Off White Blazer low collection is it, and we’ll cop that shit! Let’s hop in and check the really cool kicks and why you gotta add them to your collection.


Off White Blazer Low – Makin’ Bumper Car Soles Hot!

Oh come on, don’t tell us you didn’t think of that when you saw the kicks. The new addition to the soles is pretty interesting and kinda reminds us of bumper cars, especially with the colors. But that ain’t all there is to the kicks, because even the upper got Virgilized! But first, we gotta mention that we’re getting two colorways: black/green and white/red. Now, back to the technical deets.


The upper features a perforated upper design that we already know from the cool Off White Jordan 5 collab. And we already mentioned this, but the sneaker has experimental soles that also rock the holes. In addition to all that, we have the usual extra set of laces with the text on the upper. So all in all, shit goes hard, and we’re ready to rock it!


Release Deets

Both colorways of the new Off White Blazer low will drop on April 8, 2022, for $140. A pretty nice retail price is you always thought others were a bit too much for your pocket. Now, some stores will raffle the kicks, but we always got an eye on Nike SNKRS. We’ll get to that later because you should check the resale value and then decide if you wanna cop multiples! The white pair is worth $318 on average, while the black one goes for $290.

Bump Your Way Into a W!

Okay, let’s circle back to the drop. The Nike SNKRS drops are tricky, so you’re gonna need a sneaker bot to boost your chance at Ws. I mean, the memes we all see didn’t come from nowhere you know. So make sure you get yourself the best bot to ace that shit on drop day! Anyway, a bot alone will definitely take the L, so you gotta hook it up with some help.

Help is obviously all about proxies, the right Nike accounts, and well… luck! But don’t let that put you off and keep digging for all news and tips n tricks. And for that, you’re gonna need cook groups, and the shittiest blog ever!

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