Jordan 7 Black Olive: Time To Climb That Jordan Social Ladder!

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jordan-7-black-oliveThere are different types of people in this world. There are peeps who raise hell, not knowing how to sabotage the peace. And then there are others who are just fine with minding their own business. The former are people who lose powerful partners for the heck of it. And the latter are brands like Jordan Brand which are content with doing their job. And only their job. The brand has been in a race to drop as many dope kicks as it could before the year ends. And it ain’t failing one bit with that. Take the upcoming Jordan 7 Black Olive as an example. But luckily, the Black Olives aren’t the only 7s dropping this December as they follow the AJ7 Cardinal

Now, what were we talking about before? The whole peace sabotage thing? Whom other than the Three Stripes! The brand took it upon itself to curse Ye, even after kicking him out! Adidas is now allowing partners copy Yeezy designs and call it a new invention!

Jordan 7 Black Olive: AJ7 Bordeaux-Like Retro? 

Jordan 7 Black Olive will join the year’s celebratory collection. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the 7s. Now, we gotta say, these kicks are still much underrated as previous drops didn’t receive half the hype the 1s 2s 3s, or even the 11s did. But who knows? Maybe Jordan 7 will catch up and climb that social ladder before 2022 ends!

So, these kicks will come with an OG Bordeaux color blocking + a twist. And if you’ve come across the Afrobeats before, you’d definitely get that feeling of déjà vu. A combination of Cherrywood, Taxi, Olive, and Chutney will have you feeling nostalgic as they represent a blend of various Jordan 7s together. 

Neutral Olive takes over the base of these Jordan 7s, while black overlays them kicks. The unique pattern found on the Afrobeats appears on the forefeet and heels of the upcoming Jordans. Cherrywood Red, Taxi Yellow, and Chutney accents finish up the look. 


Release Deets 

These kicks are set to drop on December 28, 2022, for $200. However, if you’ve been in the sneaker world long enough, you’d know that dates change a lot. As in more-than-you-can-take Ls-on-the-SNKRS-app-while-copping-manually kinda lot! So, to save yourself the trouble of keeping up with sneaker news and releases, our blog can do the job for ya! Now, regarding Jordan 7 Black Olive, the release date might be pushed back to early January. That’s due to all the shortages and supply chain issues happening this year. 

Where To Catch These kicks? 

These kicks sure are worth a flex! So, if you wanna catch’em for retail, you gotta have one kick-ass Nike SNKRS bot, exactly like TSB! Luckily, it’s not a one-try kinda thing. Know what that means? Y’all could run this sneaker bot nonstop for a whole year… for $300! An affordable and powerful sneaker bot? Well, there definitely ain’t a lot of them, these days. What you gotta remember, however, is that although a good bot does increase your odds at catching Ws, nothing’s ever guaranteed in the industry.

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