Jordan 5 Goretex: Stomp Your Way Into Winter!

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jordan-5-goretexFrom Kanye leaving Adidas to Nike slamming the door in the face of resellers, the sneaker industry is always in some deep shit! With abrupt changes happening to it more than regularly. We can’t say the same for the resale market. It be enjoyin’ them changes as resale values skyrocket day and night. So, let’s take a minute to appreciate Jordan Brand’s existence. It seems like it’s the only brand offering us steady grounds to stand on, and most importantly, steady releases. And one main release is our topic currently, which is Jordan 5 Goretex. 

Jordan 5 always seems to get things right. Maybe it’s the unique model standing out. Or the different colorways that fit just right, hyping sneakerheads up upon each drop. Either way, the upcoming Jordan 5 Goretex not only has it all but it’s a combination between Supreme x Jordan 5 and Off-White AJ5. Talk about a perfect mix. So, if you’ve missed your chance copping the previous two, don’t worry about it. Because Jordan Brand’s offering you a third chance on a silver platter. And the best part is that it’s a mix of two of the biggest drops ever! It’s like you got yourself a Supreme x Off White Jordan 5. 

Jordan 5 Goretex: Winter Strolls Ain’t So Scary No More

As Nike’s been dressing the Jordan 5s up and down the whole year, now it’s time to warm ‘em up to tackle the stormy weather. And nothing can do that better than Gore-Tex. Once this material starts dropping, you won’t have to check your calendar to know winter’s knocking on the door. 

So, now we’ve got a look at the women-exclusive Jordan 5 Goretex Off-Noir, we know what we’ll be wearing on our feet all winter long. They’ve got so many cool deets on them, you won’t know what to look at first. The washed-black uppers are made from waterproof Gore-Tex technology that’ll keep your feet both warm and dry. You can also find the red Jumpman logo on the 3M silver tongues. Embroidered in red on either side of the lateral heels are GORE-TEX and 23. Now, for a little change, back midsoles sit on top of translucent outsoles. And the cherry on top is the red shark tooth design on top of those black midsoles. 


Release Deets 

What deets have we got so far regarding these babies? Well, the date is what we ain’t sure of.  Rumors have it that Jordan 5 Goretex will be dropping sometime in December 2022. However, some say that a drop will be happening on November 3rd, 2022. So, it’s never definite with these things. That’s why you should always follow up with release dates if you’re aiming for a cop. And one way to do that is by joining a cook group. Now regarding their price, the upcoming Jordans will retail for the usual $220. 

How To Get The New Jordan 5 Goretex

Starting with the why before the how. If you’re a sneakerhead, you must know the talk already. But if you’re looking for a reason to buy Jordan 5 Goretex besides its aesthetics, there’s always the money talk. These kicks are now reselling for $362. That’s $130+ extra cash in your pocket for every resale you make. And judging by the previous Supreme and Off-White AJ5s resale prices, Goretex might just follow the same route. 

Without further ado, y’all need a couple of things to help you buy the kicks. Because Nike drops are more unpredictable than the mob. That’s why you can’t depend on your luck if you really want them kicks. Luck starts existing when you’ve got a good Nike SNKRS bot with you. This way you boost your winning chances. One dope bot that does exactly that is TSB. You just have to know your way around good proxies and Nike accounts. Because a good bot with shitty accounts and proxies is just a waste in the making. 

On a final note, make sure to stay tuned to Nike and Jordan releases with our shittiest blog!

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