CLOT Jordan 5: Chinese Themes Be Channelin’ Eastern Roots!

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Nobody does tributes to the eastern culture like CLOT and Edison Chen. Well, a few names come to mind, but when it comes to the magic of Chinese culture, it’s definitely CLOT. Since 2003, the brand has been a bridge between the east and the west. And it obviously is doing something very right, because CLOT Jordan 5 is not their first collab with Nike and JB! Anyway, let’s check out the latest sneaker release and why you need this shit in your life.


CLOT Jordan 5: Jade and Red Hit Different With Silk!

We’re familiar with CLOT’s style, so a silky design ain’t coming off as a surprise for us. And the new CLOT Jordan 5 is bringing the classiest silky black upper to the table! But that’s like, the last thing we’d notice about the kicks because they got so many cool deets on them. For example, the laces and insoles will come in a poppin’ shade of red that we can’t keep our eyes off. The lace lock will come in the very therapeutic jade green, along with cute lace rings on the sides.

You’d think that this is enough stuff going on, but you’re wrong! The kicks also flex stripes that look a 2 and 3, making the classic 23 in a Chinese-style design. Finally, the whole look is complete with glow-in-the-dark outsoles! So all in all, the kicks look like our next purchase, no cap.


Release Deets

What do we know about these babies so far? Well, rumor has it that CLOT Jordan 5 low will drop on May 20, 2022, on Nike SNKRS. However, they might drop earlier on CLOT’s own website as it usually goes down with hot collabs. Although we don’t have any news on how much these babies will cost, we can assume that it will be somewhere around $200-ish. That’s how it usually goes down with Jordan prices! And if you’re wondering whether they’re worth it in resale, they probably are. CLOT collabs are usually a success and worth a lot of money. But again, that depends on the stock number and hype, so we’ll see about that. 

How to Get the New CLOT Jordan 5

We’ll always say it: SNKRS drops are unpredictable as heck, especially if you’re going in manually. But we won’t only count on our luck, or else we’ll take the L and carry on. You may push your luck though and get a Nike bot! That way you’ll make sure you did everything you can fam. Why not push for a W if you could? 

Bots like TSB will do their best to get you your kicks and will do the annoying tasks like address jigging for you! But always make sure you hook your bot up with some seriously good proxies and Nike accounts. Otherwise, your attempts won’t be worth shit, really. And always stay tuned to the hottest releases with the shittiest blog around!

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