Air Jordan 1 Low Mocha: Sippin’ the 2020 Holy Grail Drip!

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Missed adding a caffeine kick to your summer pick-me-up list? Get ready for a jolt! Nike’s brewing up some serious heat with a coffee-flavored Jordan 1 drop. From $2K Travis Mochas to the upcoming Latte 1s, it’s been one wild mocha ride. No Travis Scott hookup this round, but still, they’re straight-fire. So, attention all brew buffs, this is your time to shine. Why? Well, because soon you can be rocking the new Air Jordan 1 low mocha. And tbh, there’s no better option to be added to Swoosh’s Barista chat. So, let’s go down the Mocha-licious deets and find out more about the release.jordan-1-low-mocha

Jordan 1 Low Mocha:  A Coffee Colorway & Who Doesn’t Love Coffee?

Remember when those OG Jordan 1 colorways ruled the game? Red, blue, or white, they still run the streets. But in 2019, Travis dropped a bombshell that shook the sneaker world and sparked the mocha madness. Since then, every mocha-infused drop is a must-cop. And the Jordan 1 Low Mocha 2024 is absolutely one you can’t pass. 

Think of it as the dark mochas or palominos‘ cousin. These kicks bring back the barista-approved look in short king glory. Almost identical to the highs, the ‘Mocha’ lows feature a white base overlaid by black leather across the toebox and lacing system. Plus, you can see a ‘Palomino’ brown suede along the heel. The iconic Nike Swoosh adorns the sides, while the legendary winged basketball emblem graces the back.

Don’t let the frenzy mess up that fresh look. Check out the top Jordan shoe cleaners to keep these mocha Jordans slick for the long haul right here.jordan-1-low-mocha-2024

Release Alert

Alright, let’s get into it. The Air Jordan 1 Low Mocha is hitting Nike SNKRS on August 21st, 2024, priced at $140. However, other leaks mentioned that the release got pushed to September. So better stay tuned with our go-to blog for the official news. Now, here’s the kicker: These sick kicks are dropping in full family sizes, so you and your crew can rock the mocha madness. For kicks this lit, that’s a steal. Finally, you’ll get the chance to heal from this painful Ls you took on Scott’s mocha Js.

We don’t have the exact resale value yet, but peep this: The 2020 Jordan 1 Mocha is averaging $452 on the resale market. Translation? There’s serious cash to be made flipping these, especially if you can cop in bulk at retail. And guess what? It’s easier than you think. You just need a solid copping strategy to guide you through the process, step by step.

How To Score Big Ws On The Air Jordan 1 Low Mocha Drop?

This summer, sneaker releases are more like high-energy events than your average drop. And amid this frenzy, the Jordan 1 Low Mocha is set to be a BIG player. But let’s face it, hot releases are as bustling as the morning coffee rush – crazy busy! So, how do you stay ahead of the pack? 

Your best bet for snagging these kicks at retail? Using a sneaker bot. Despite Nike’s crackdown on botting, some sneaker bots still slide under the radar. TSB2 is one of those bots that’s got your back! Grab your copy today and elevate your sneaker shopping game. With TSB2, you’ll be able to breeze through that coffee shake before any big moments! Oh, and nobody wants to score a W only to realize they grabbed the wrong size. So, make sure you’ve got a handle on how Jordans fit. Until next time, fam!

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