Used Sneakers: Top Markets To Buy & Sell Second-Hand Heat!

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Think the $13 billion sneaker reselling scene is just for new kicks? Think again! In this game-changing world, there’s something for everyone. With the sneaker scene heating up and hyped new drops becoming harder to snag, aftermarket prices are going crazy. That’s where demand for used sneakers kicks in. 

Selling or buying your pre-loved kicks is a smart move. We all have kicks we’d rock no matter what, even if they’re pre-owned. And sometimes you’ve got shoes you’ve worn a bit, but they’re not your vibe anymore, and you’re itching to pocket some extra cash. Today, we’re diving into where to buy and sell used sneakers! Flipping those kicks might seem tricky, but going to the right places will pay off!buy-sell-used-sneakers

Best Places To Sell Used Sneakers & Score ‘em Easily?

The sneaker scene is full of pairs to die for. But with those prices, especially aftermarket ones, not everyone can afford to take part. And so many people resort to buying used sneakers, to keep up with the trends, while skipping the fees.

So, do you have some kicks collecting dust, but still in decent condition? Then why not flip them for some quick cash? Anyone with a limited budget and unlimited sense of style would love to snag a bargain.

And used sneakers can include any pair of sneakers, no matter how limited or hyped. Even if it’s a pair of Travis Scotts. And so, the same way you’d love a hot pair of sneakers, at a hot price, everyone else would. That is why selling preowned sneakers is a lefit, and profitable business. Especially when done through the right platform. 

Pro Tips to Sell Used Sneakers

  • Snap a few high-quality photos. And don’t forget to be transparent and include all the details on the shoe’s condition, that really matters.
  • Get your pricing spot-on. Research similar kicks, don’t undercut yourself. Too low, you lose out; too high, you’re left hanging. If stuck, your store can help.
  • Keep those kicks pristine. A clean pair not only looks sharp but also maintains their value.

Now that you’re in the know, let’s get started! 

Poshmarksell used sneakers Poshmark

First up, we’ve got Poshmark, one of the VIP lounges to buy and sell used sneakers. You can find some seriously hot kicks here, and flipping them is a piece of cake. Plus, Poshmark isn’t just about sneakers, you can hustle clothes, accessories, and even makeup. But remember, for sneakers (or anything over $15), there’s a 20% fee.

Grailedsell used sneakers grailed

Next up, we’ve got Grailed. It’s the spot where the real players can snag some top-tier grails! Whether you’re after new or old kicks, they’ve got it all. Plus, you’ll uncover some seriously rare sneakers and streetwear pieces. Selling your kicks? Expect a 9% commission fee, but if you’re buying, it’s a seamless experience with no extra costs.


Then, there’s Klekt. If you’re all about that European sneaker scene, this is the spot for you. They’ve got a killer selection of new and preloved kicks, and flipping them can score you some major cash. Expect a 17% commission fee if you’re selling the sneakers! Also, they’ve even got a handy fee calculator to help you price your kicks just right.

eBayused sneakers ebay

eBay‘s up next, the OG of sneaker resale. Basically, it’s your go-to, one of the most trusted and best places to buy and sell used sneakers. From Air Jordans to those exclusive Adidas collabs, it’s all here. Listing your kicks is easy peasy. But about eBay’s fees? It’s all about how you list and what you cash in. So, before you dive in, check out eBay’s fee set up to know the whole cost game.

Facebook MarketplaceFacebook Marketplace

Wrapping up our list is Facebook Marketplace, one of the best choices if you’re searching for where to sell used sneakers and buy them. Don’t let its old-school vibe fool you, folks. This platform is still thriving. It’s like the underground, budget-friendly sneaker market of the internet. Here, you can expect to make some sweet cash. You never know what hidden treasures you’ll find, and the best part? It’s totally free to sell your kicks.

Joining The Sneaker Fam Is Your Best Bet Here

There’s more to know, so don’t miss out! Being part of the sneaker community is crucial if you’re into buying and selling used sneakers. Why? Because you’ll stay updated on all the latest releases, insider info, and trends. One of the top spots for this is Sneaker Reddit, where you’ll find a massive community of enthusiasts. It’s one of the perfect places to trade, sell, and cop kicks like a pro. You can read more on Sneaker Reddit & how to join right here.

Now, if you’re eyeing those new releases at retail to flip for profit, you better know what you’re doing. With the right knowledge and tools, scoring those sought-after kicks becomes a breeze. You can check our ultimate sneaker-copping guide for all the details & insider tips you need. Catch ya later, fam!

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