Union Nike Field General: A Classic Revives From LA’s Heartbeat!

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Eyes up, fam! 2024 is cooking an extraordinary release from one of the biggest collabs in the game!  Fresh off their Jordan 1 hit with BBS, Union LA teases their next Nike project. Known for unexpected, vibrant designs, Union’s shoes are always a must-have. And this year’s drop is no exception! Chris Gibbs adds his flair to the Union Nike Field General, coming in two epic colorways. Will these sneakers reach the same aftermarket heights as other Union Nike kicks? And what’s so special about them? Let’s find out together.Union-LA-Nike-field-general

Back in the Game: Nike’s Field General Rises from the Ashes!

Back in ’82, Nike introduced the Field General, a forgotten gem in sneaker history. Originally made for football legends like Archie Manning and Dan Fouts, it lost its shine over time. Unlike iconic kicks like the Air Force 1 or Dunk, it never hit the big leagues.

Fast forward four decades, and Nike’s bringing it back for the first time! Last month saw the release of the Field General ‘82 in its classic white and red colorway. Now, with the Union collab, anticipation is at an all-time high! Just like the Union Cortez, the Union Field General is a stunning tribute to the golden era!Nike 1982 shoes

Is Union Nike Field General Far From The OG Look?

Union’s spin on the Field General from the ’80s is different from the OG. The only details that remain unchanged are the exposed mesh toe boxes, quarter panels, tongues, and slim heel collar. Everything else is similar to an abstract painter putting their spin on a carefully drawn portrait.

So, this 2024 Union Nike collection will come in two colorways: Black/Ivory and Shimmer.

The Black colorway draws inspo from the highly expensive Union Jordan 4 Off Noir. Blue accents adorn the upper and heel, while an aged yellow hue graces the tread-heavy outsole. Furthermore, vibrant yellow stitching adds a pop of color, highlighting the quarter and upper lace eyelet.Union-Nike-field-general-Black

On the other hand, the Shimmer Union Field General kicks feature soft pink tones with faded burgundy. Lighter pink details accent the exposed lace eyelets and tongue branding.Union-Nike-field-general-Shimmer

Wanna Catch The 2024 Union Nike Shoes?

The Union LA Field General drops on June 28 for $120. And the best part? These kicks are killing it in the resale game. The Shimmer Union Nike Field General goes for $389, and the Black one hits $503 on StockX. A perfect chance for resellers hunting that easy BIG cash!

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