Underrated Shoes Makin’ You Go ‘Damn, How’d I Sleep on These!’

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2024 isn’t over yet, but it’s already shaping up to be a goldmine for sneakerheads! It’s the kind of hype that gets us setting up bots for drop-day battles, leaving sneakerheads and resellers on cloud nine. Many awesome kicks remain underrated amid the frenzy of ultra-exclusive releases and their crazy aftermarket prices. But those underrated shoes may deliver a ton in comfort and style, even if they lack in resale profit. underrated-shoes-2024

Underrated Shoes Your Sneaker Rotation Need

Adidas ForumAdidas underrated shoes

Starting off with a timeless classic, the Adidas Forum. This silhouette carries a rich history, once graced by the likes of His Airness, Michael Jordan, before his Nike days. Despite their iconic status, they’ve been somewhat overshadowed lately. But lucky us, Adidas is reviving them with fresh collabs lately like the Packer Forum Lows & the Bad Bunny iterations.

New Balance 990 Seriesnew-balance-underrated-shoes

While It feels odd to say that New Balance is a lowkey brand at this point, its 990 series often goes unnoticed. Renowned for unparalleled comfort and quality, this model is a highly reliable choice. Fortunately, New Balance is not messing around anymore with the 900s. Shedding a ton of spotlight on this classic with great collabs like the New Balance x Aime Leon Dore 900s.

Reebok Club C 85Reebok Club C 85

Now, we have the Reebok Club C 85. This is a seriously underrated sneaker but packs a punch! These babies dropped in ’85 and have been a staple ever since. They’re like the Superstar or Air Force 1 of Reebok, no doubt. Their clean, minimalist designs go with anything. Plus, they’re comfy and durable, like walking on clouds. Even though they don’t always steal our attention, these kicks are a dope classic that deserves more love

Nike Vomero 5Nike underrated shoes

We know that we’re in a place where it’s tough to find a Nike shoe that’s not IN! But amidst all that noise, there are still a few gems that truly deserve more focus. And it happens that the Nike Vomero 5 is easily one of these underrated shoes. In fact, if you’re after cutting-edge technology and sleek design, look no further than the Nike Vomero 5. Perfect for both running and everyday wear, these underrated Nike shoes are hard to pass over.

Converse weaponConverse underrated shoes

While Converse releases might sometimes slip through the crack, models like the Converse Weapon are real classics. Worn by basketball legends like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, this underrated sneaker has a storied past in the basketball world. While they might not always be in the mix, their history and solid performance make them a real standout choice.

Puma Suede ClassicPuma Suede Classic

Wrapping it all up, let’s talk about the Puma Suede Classic. This sneaker’s got some serious history!  It’s been holding it down for so long with its ageless design. With that smooth suede upper and comfy fit, these kicks are both fresh and practical. You can rock ’em with anything – dress ’em up or keep it casual, they got you covered for any vibe. But even with all these strengths, these Puma shoes go unnoticed.

Our list today is just the start. The sneaker game is massive, and some pairs are getting pricey. So, if you love riding the hype wave, stick with our blog. We’ll keep you updated on the hottest upcoming releases! See ya later, fam!

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