PEACEMINUSONE Nike Air Force 1 “Para-Noise 2.0” [Ultimate G-Dragon]

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This PEACEMINUSONE Nike Air Force 1 deserves to be on top of your copping list this fourth quarter. It’s a slick Air Force 1 collab with visionary Korean fashion brand PEACEMINUSONE. And bruh, it looks like Korean is the new Japanese in sneakers. Japan took a main power shot at Jordans this year. We got the Jordan 1 Silver and Biohack as top mentions in that respect. But now, Nike is on the K-pop collaborative side, following the Kasina Dunks. Which are still a massive hit on the aftermarket. Asian masterminds have drilled Nike and Jordan models through most of 2020. And this PEACEMINUSONE Nike collaboration is upcoming proof of their genius.

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PEACEMINUSONE: “A Crossover Between the Real & Ideal”

Based in Seoul, PEACEMINUSONE is an innovative fashion brand with a knack for minimalist expression and existentialism. The brand name is broken down to PEACE MINUS ONE and is a dead-on explanation of the brand symbol. Which is a peace sign with a missing line and a flower with a missing petal. According to the brand owner G-Dragon, this missing link serves as a connection between the present we live in today and the future we aspire towards. Or in his words: “a crossover between the real and ideal.” If you check out the PEACEMINUSONE website, you’ll find that the concept of YOUTOPIA, as G calls it, is embedded into the identity of his apparel, although minimalist. The PEACEMINUSONE team is a contemplative and self-focused group of creatives that aspire toward a free future. 


PEACEMINUSONE Nike Air Force 1 “Para-Noise 2.0”

Following the first PEACEMINUSONE Air Force 1 “Para-Noise” of 2019, the 2.0 version is crowning in 2020. It presents the polar opposite colorway of last year’s Air Force 1, which to your luck was sold only today at $566. A classic leather Air Force 1 with a faded “whoosh” of paint across the midsole. In close relation to the brand’s overall concept of present and future. Last year’s release also witnessed a red Korea-exclusive pair with PEACEMINUSONE flower designs. It’s being sold for a minimum of $3K on resale. 

Which makes us all the more excited for this year’s 2.0 edition. Considering that it’s the product of a seriously hyped collaboration. The white pair flips last year’s colorway in tribute to the classic Air Force 1. And displays the same faded paint mark on the midsole as its signature. Catch it (from a distance!) as it resells for up to $2K on GOAT. It’s a pity if you don’t plan on copping this hype magnet on November 25th. No retail prices are out yet, but expect it to sell for under $200.


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