Peaceminusone G Dragon Air Force 1: Back & Para-Noisy As Ever!

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Alright, Nike’s move to cut the Air Force production was a total heartbreaker. But amid the buzzkill, we’ve got some serious hype news. Recently, some of the sickest Air Force Nike collabs have surfaced. Did you peep Nigo’s Air Force 3 at Paris Fashion Week SS25? It’s straight fire! Now, guess what’s back after four long years? Owned by the K-pop superstar, PEACEMINUSONE is dropping the G Dragon Air Force 1 in NEW colorful glory, and we’re pumped! These kicks aren’t just trendsetters, they’re straight-up flippin’ profit machines. So, let’s dive into the juicy deets, ’cause this is gonna be epic!Peaceminusone-air-force-1

Nike PEACEMINUSONE G-Dragon: Where Real Meets Ideal!

Before we jump into the dope 2024 G Dragon Air Force 1, let’s give props to the gems that paved the way! Basically, Nike linking up with K-pop icon G-Dragon was an iconic move. Seriously, is there anything this guy with 22M followers can’t do? G-Dragon’s influence spans music to streetwear, with his own label PEACEMINUSONE.Peaceminusone-Nike

His collab with Fragment turned heads, but teaming up with the Swoosh? That was literally next level fam! So, PEACEMINUSONE set the bar high with the Air Force 1 Low 1.0 and 2.0. Till now, these AF1s are making waves in the aftermarket, especially the coveted $940 Korea exclusive. Bottom line: they’re every sneaker reseller’s dream!Peaceminusone-Nike-AF1

Since dropping the buzz-worthy “Panda” Kwondo1s in April 2023, PEACEMINUSONE and Nike have kept it low-key. But now, they’re ready to make noise with the new G Dragon Air Force 1s on the way. So, let’s check out these awesome kicks.

G Dragon Air Force 1 Comes with Freshly Painted Nike Logos        

The latest PEACEMINUSONE Air Force 1s are pure artistry! The G Dragon Air Force 1 will sport freshly painted Nike logos, think blue, turquoise, yellow, and pink swooshes. And here’s the kicker: these pairs retain many signature details from previous Forces!

For instance, PEACEMINUSONE once again treats the Nike sneakers with creamy leather and jet-black uppers. Delicately painted to wear off over time, revealing G-Dragon’s artwork underneath.

What’s more, fans can expect the brand’s iconic daisy flower motifs and random paint strokes that resemble intentional scuffs. Bet you’re already eyeing a pair, right? So, make sure to have this Air Force 1 size guide in your hands when you cop one.g-dragon-paranoise-air-force-1g-dragon-air-force-1-2024

But here’s the deal: with everyone going wild to cop a pair, how do we secure ours hassle-free on drop day?

When & How To Snatch the G Dragon Air Force 1 For Retail?

Great news: the new G Dragon Air Force 1 is dropping soon. Rumor has it they’ll hit shelves this fall for $200 a pop. But with previous PEACEMINUSONE Air Force 1s doubling and tripling in retail price, expect these new ones to skyrocket in resale value. Well, no one can afford to miss out on this aftermarket hustle!

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