Nina Chanel Abney Jordan 2: When Art Meets Sick Style!

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Y’all know how it goes, Nike and Jordan Brand announce a collab, and we get all hyped. But, sometimes the kicks turn out to be disappointing. Not ugly, but not what we were expecting either. So when a collab lives up to our expectations, it’s a total winner! And to be fair, when we heard about the Nina Chanel Abney Jordan 2, we didn’t know what to expect.

However, that shit positively surprised us and we high-key dig it! So read on to check out the cool kicks and their matching apparel. But before you start the mental must-cop list, you gotta know how the Jordan will fit. Check out this Jordan size guide to make sure you know exactly how shit fits!


Nina Chanel Abney Jordan 2: Ridin’ High & Low!

If you’re looking for cool kicks, you’re at the right place. Abney is not giving us one, but two Jordan 2s that she designed. Now die-hard Jordanheads could have mixed feelings about these kicks because they feature a brand new style. It’s not your classic Jordan 2 upper because it comes in a different material layering style.


The first pair is a high-top AJ2 that features a white leather upper with red on the tongue and heels. Meanwhile, the second will be a low-top version of the same kicks, but with green instead of red. And if you ask us, both colorways are sick af and we’d totally rock them every day.

Did You Say… Matching Apparel?

It’s not really a complete collection if you didn’t have the socks and tee to match the kicks, is it? That’s why the multidisciplinary artist is dropping a whole friggin’ capsule alongside the Js! And just like the Nina Chanel Abney Jordan 2, the apparel line will all be a mix of green and red. Our favorites so far are the Jordan icon hoodie, Jordan tee, and confetti-like Dri-Fit socks! You can check the full lineup here.


Release Deets

The new Nina Chanel Abney Jordan 2 and apparel will drop on July 8, 2022. The highs will retail for $250, while the lows will go for $225. These babies will drop in women’s sizes only! But if you ain’t diggin’ the style, you’d think that the kicks are overpriced. But, you should know that each of these pairs can make you $100+ in profits on the resale market! You can flip the highs for $340 on average, and the lows can go for $330. So if you resell one or more of these kicks, you’ll be making good money in no time! But how can you cop multiples?

How to Catch the Nina Chanel Abney Jordan 2

First things first, the kicks and apparel will drop on Nike SNKRS. And if you ain’t familiar with Nike SNKRS drops, you should know that taking Ls is easier than Ws. That’s why you’re gonna need a Nike bot that can give you an even chance at getting ‘em. But the bot on its own can’t do all the shit out there. You’re gonna need proxies and Nike accounts.

One good option for your buck is TSB. It’s in stock, covers 40+ regions, and will only cost you $300 a year! And if you’re considering botting, you’ll probably be saving up, so use the extra money on proxies. In fact, TSB users had a good run in June 2022, so why not try going for July success?

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