Exploring Nike Shoe Laces: A Comprehensive Guide to Types and Sizes

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So Nike’s creations range from sports gear to athletic apparel, all the way to sneakers. And sneakers are what Nike does best. But what about the thing that holds all this story together? What about Nike shoe laces? You know a pair of kicks is only as good as the laces keeping them on your foot. So let’s take a quick journey to learn the different types of Nike shoe laces, and the sizes that matter most to every one of us.

History of Shoe Laces

Ever wondered how we got to the tight knots and trendy criss-cross patterns that spice up our kicks today? Here’s the story!

Turns out, our cave-dwelling ancestors were the original sneakerheads. The ones that discovered and leveled up the shoe lace game. So apparently, archaeological evidence suggests that primitive forms of shoe laces existed as far back as 5,500 years ago! Imagine lacing up your animal hide boots with strips of vine or leather? Quite the fashion statement, huh? But if you wanna go over the whole history PRE Nike shoe laces, check out this guide.

nike-shoe-laces-guideTypes of Nike Shoe Laces

Now, the same way different sneakers serve different purposes, Nike Shoe Laces have different types. To help you lock up different kinds of sneakers. So, let’s enter the Nike universe, my friend, and prepare to discover a galaxy of laces! We’ve got:

  • Flat Athletic Laces: The old reliable of the sneaker world. These laces are perfect for those of you who see sneakers as more than just foot garments. They’re a lifestyle, right?
  • Oval Athletic Laces: A slightly wider and bolder alternative to flat laces. These are favored by athletes and active peeps all around the world!
  • Reflective Running Laces: Who knew function could look so fantastic? These bad boys are perfect for nighttime runners who also appreciate a bit of flash in their footwear.
  • Rounded Athletic Laces: For those of you who prefer a classic, clean look, these round laces are your traditional go-to.
  • Performance Shoelaces: To all you sporty folks, these laces are equipped with increased durability to cope with all the wear and tear you’re gonna throw at them.
  • Jordan Laces: Especially designed for the famous Jordan sneakers, these shoelaces ooze style and class, just like Mike himself!

Nike Shoelace Sizes

nike-shoelace-sizesAlright, have you ever wondered, “What size are Nike shoe laces and how does that work for all the different shoes?”
Well, Nike offers shoe laces in a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every shoe style and size in their collection. These lace sizes generally range from 27 inches (about 69 cm) up to a whopping 72 inches (about 183 cm).

You can break these into three main groups. First off, we have the short-sized laces, clocking in at 27 to 36 inches (around 69 to 91 cm). These are your go-to for low-top sneakers and casual footwear. On the other hand, the mid-sized laces, measuring 45 to 54 inches (around 114 to 137 cm), are typically used for high-top sneakers and casual shoes. Last, but never least, we step it up a notch with the long-sized laces, ranging from 60 to 72 inches (about 152 to 183 cm), which work best with boots and extra high-top sneakers.

Don’t you find it fascinating how even the smallest detail, like a lace, can have such a wide range of sizes? What do we say next time someone belittles laces? “Hey, it’s more than just a string!”

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