The Nike Sacai CLOT Collab Serving Shit Like It’s Christmas!

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We dig it when Nike partners with far east brands. But what about when it collaborates with two of ’em? Well, we already talked about the three-way Nike Sacai LDWaffle collabs. And today, we’re talkin’ about the pretty sexy Nike Sacai CLOT LDWaffles. So, you up for some cooking? Let’s check out why these babies should be in your closet pretty soon homie! But alright, if you ain’t feeling this pair, we understand. These spooky kicks should at least make your heart jump a bit though!

Sacai LDWaffle Kiss of Death Vol. 1

If you weren’t following that shit, you better start doing it now. So in 2021, Nike, Sacai, and CLOT are joining forces from around the world to drop 3 fly kicks. It’s crazy awesome because that’s a US x Japan x Hong Kong collab, aka far east to far west! Anyway, the first pair of the Sacai CLOT LDWs came in the classic Kiss of Death colorway. The beige, red, and orange combo was totally awesome and we loved it. The KOD1 dropped on September 14, 2021, and you can get it for $240 if you missed on it fam!


Nike Sacai CLOT KOD 2: Ever Seen a Cooler Grey?

We get it, not everyone jams with super colorful kicks. Luckily, the brands realized it and decided to drop shit that suits all them different tastes. The new Nike Sacai CLOT LDWaffles feature shades of grey with a sprinkle of dark navy and white! That shit low-key looks like our next pair of go-with-anything kicks. 

Fun fact time! The colorway is a nod to the 2013 CLOT KOD2 Air Max 1. Of course, the signature Sacai double swoosh, midsole, and tongues are there too! And if you look closely, you’ll find the branding of the three companies all over the LDWaffles.


Release Deets

Okay so the kicks are awesome, but you’re probably here to know the deets. The new Sacai CLOT LDWaffles will drop on October 9, 2021, for $180. You’ll wanna get these, and not only because they look hot. You can flip ‘em for about $340 on the aftermarket, so imagine the profit of flipping multiples!

Where and How to Get the Nike Sacai CLOT Collab!

They’ll be available on Nike SNKRS along with Juice and Sacai stores around the world! But if you’re unlucky enough to not live near any of them, it’s SNKRS for you. And if you’re a sneakerhead, then odds are you got SNKRS PTSD. But chill fam, you can avoid the trigger if you get yourself a Nike bot! You’ll also need good proxies and Nike accounts from the right providers. Remember, you can always take that evil L, but hopefully not. Good luck!

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