Nike ISPA 2020: Here to Lead You to the Money Flow!

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Nike ISPA 2020 is coming at us fast this year with back-to-back releases. Not that the latest Nike ISPA Road Warrior needed back-up. 4 Nike technologies packed into 4 sneaker adventures. That’s gotta be worth some serious cash, right? Nike made sure it was. The Road Warrior retailed for $500 and is reselling in the $700-$2,000 bracket on GOAT.  It was officially on the Nike sneakers list worth flipping! Even Nike sneaker models like the Nike React Runner have adopted ISPA technologies. To boost their free running experience. If you, on the other hand, are looking to boost your Nike copping power by running the best Nike bot in the market, check out this quick post. 

ISPA Like You Mean It!

Looks like the ISPA philosophy is scanning more than one silhouette this year. It got double stacked on Nike Flow with these two nature-friendly colorways. “Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt” sure is sucking up to Mother Nature this summer! With the COVID-19 pandemic going for its second charge, these sporty releases sure do inspire outdoorsiness. Whether it’s hiking, running, or scavenging the woods out of boredom!

Nike ISPA 2020: Where’s the Flow?

The sneakers are basically made with ventilated mesh and feature see-through panels. For an adventurous camouflage vibe. The thick heel is packed with technical boosters to boost your step up those slippery slopes. Unlike the Nike ISPA that sold for $500 on July 17, the second one above deviates from common pastels. We get it fam! Pastels are huge this year. We saw them on the first ISPA. Plus we saw them on the Off White Jordan 4 and Jordan 6 Quai 54. The first ISPA Flow even features a faded spruce tree colorway. Conforming to pastels. But the second and more interesting colorway brings out a yellow pop for a healthy cop!

Are You a Sports Fan?

The two Nike ISPA Flow sneakers we’re here for go by “Spruce Aura” and “Medium Olive”. Nike ISPA is hands down the perfect combination of a tech-savvy internal and a “George of the Jungle” exterior. If you’re into extreme sports or making a casual flip, these sturdy boys are for you. Also hang around to know about other Nike ISPA releases! 

Keep posted on our blog for retail price updates and expect these sneakers to drop on August 13! 

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