Nike Calm Slide Vs. Yeezy Slide: Which One Is For You?

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When it comes to the Nike Calm Slide Vs. Yeezy Slide, it really all boils down to personal preference. In the past few years, we’ve witnessed rapid growth in the foam footwear department. This led many brands to create designs catering to the public’s demand for comfort.
We’ve come to believe this phenomenon dates back to COVID-19. The pandemic forced all of us to stay indoors in our sweats and blankets (if not mismatched jammies). This made it hard for us to dress up and socialize. Eventually, everyone began to embrace slides, sandals, clogs, and mules. And now, Nike Calm Slides.


Battle of the Brands

Remember when Crocs were hideous and whoever wore them became an outcast? Look at them now skyrocketing in popularity. From sneakerheads to fashion enthusiasts, everyone and their mother (and father) own at least a pair. They even have us collecting accessories and waiting around for all the newest flashy colors.
Not to mention the luxury and designer brands hopping aboard the foam footwear train. From Balenciaga to Alexander McQueen and Off-White, everyone wanted a slice of that winning cake.

But could any of these compare to the Adidas Yeezy Slide? Ever since their debut in 2019, Yeezy Slides raised the bar pretty high. With the majority of the sneaker community calling him an innovator and a pioneer, Kanye ‘Ye’ West created futuristic designs no other designer could. Of course, the edgy look did not compromise comfort when it comes to Yeezy everything. Slides, sneakers, and foam runners are even more prized for the supportive and durable material they’re made of.

Emergence of the Nike Calm Slide

One brand that needed to catch up with the trend was Nike. Although they had their long-running Bennasi slides, they weren’t quite comparable to the existing foamy, trendy slides on the market. Now, the Swoosh is dominating the internet with its newest release, the Calm Slide.
We hate to admit it, but the Calm’s introduction may have been too late if Yeezy Slides were still on regular release. The Kanye-Adidas mess left a void in the market that Nike is using to their benefit. This void should allow the entry from Nike more room to take hold and become a hit. THERE! I said it!

Nike Calm Slide Vs. Yeezy Slide



So the Nike Calm Slide Vs Yeezy Slide is a hot ongoing comparison. And we’re joining the party, breaking down the two minimalist, foam-based footwear options.
Ultimately, the choice between the two slides has to do with personal preference, budget, and even brand loyalty. Whether you opt for the Nike Calm Slide or the Adidas Yeezy Slide, you’re still on the right track for comfort.

Design Features

The Nike Calm Slide and the Adidas Yeezy Slide both follow a minimalistic design. The means of. achievement is where the differences between the two lie. The Nike Calm Slide features a textured footbed with a Swoosh embedded into the foam. The logo is also present on the lateral side of the forefoot strap. On the outsole, the Calm Slide borrows from the Air Force 1 Flyknit’s traction pattern.
The Yeezy Slide boasts a one-piece design and is chunkier, giving it a contemporary and trend-focused aesthetic. The absence of any apparent branding aligns with Yeezy’s usual design motifs. We see a serrated foam design for its sole unit that offers decent traction for a non-rubber build.

Comfort and Fit— Nike Calm Slide Vs. Yeezy Slide

The Nike Calm Slide provides a plush and secure feeling thanks to its foam footbed and padded strap. The slides run true to your normal Nike size, though if you have wider feet, we suggest going up to the next size because there are no half sizes.
The Adidas Yeezy Slide focuses on providing a snug fit and ultra-soft cushioning underfoot. The EVA foam strap hugs the foot and, while it may take a bit to break in, conforms to its wearer over time. It runs slightly small, so you should go up at least one full size. Those with wider feet may even need to go up two full sizes.

Material and Durability

Nike’s Calm Slide is crafted from soft synthetic foam and rubber. The softer foam comes in direct contact with the foot, while the rubber outsole provides durability. The use of rubber instead of foam creates a more stable underfoot experience. Hence, more durability.
The Adidas Yeezy Slide, on the other hand, is made from a single piece of sculpted EVA foam, an elastomeric polymer that produces a soft yet durable footwear experience. EVA foam is known for its flexibility, cushioning properties, and water resistance.

Price and Availability

Nike’s Calm Slide is relatively affordable, coming in at just $50. It offers an excellent balance between style, comfort, and cost-effectiveness — catering to a broad demographic.
The Adidas Yeezy Slide is more exclusive and higher priced, originally retailing at $70. However, the state of Ye and Adidas’ relationship makes the resale market the only current and foreseeable source for purchasing a pair — bringing all sorts of pricing variables on the resale market. Or you could wait around for a third Yeezy drop, while it hasn’t been confirmed. Though the first two remaining stock drops sold out the second they went live,  you could still give it a shot.

Wrapping Up the Nike Calm Slide Vs. Yeezy Slide Debate

Most of the online community seemed disappointed with the Nike Calm Slides design. Most claimed it was a Yeezy design rip-off, and that Yeezy is the true innovator of slides. Some even made sarcastic comments that they can now wear Calm Slides with Nike socks guilt-free. Another person even named them “Nike Yeezy slides.”

Evidently, one of the major fads of 2022 was foam-based slip-on footwear, with nearly every brand in the footwear industry stepping up to debut their version of the viral design to match the popularity found in the Yeezy Slide, Foam RNNR, and the Pollex Clog. While Jordan Brand did enter the market with the System.23 shape, Nike itself waited until just the right moment.
Although choosing one option or the other comes down is a personal matter and standards, one cannot ignore the fact that Yeezy Slides are no longer a retail market option. Unless we get this new Yeezy sale soon.  However, Nike Calm Slides will keep coming your way in the foreseeable future.

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