Nike Brazil Dunk Low Rio-lizes Its Hype Once Again in 2024!

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Olá fam! Today, we’re turning up the celebration for Nike Dunk’s 40th birthday! So, the return of the Japan Exclusive dunks, after two decades, is the ultimate gift. While BIG 2024 Jordans are making waves, Dunks are still managing to make our heads turn this year! From the Co.JP Ultraman dunks to the Co.JP Reverse Currys, it’s a whole new level of fiesta! And now we’re carrying on with the hot streak of releases with the upcoming Brazil Dunk Low! So, let’s take a look at what these dunks cooked up for us!Brazil Dunks 2024

Brazil Dunk Low: A Samba Dance For Your Feet

Samba, sunsets, and a touch of saudade, that’s the vibe of the Brazilian dunk low! Indeed, this HOT colorway became a highly coveted choice among sneakerheads. The noteworthy moment that stirred the sneaker world occurred in 2020 when this colorway made its comeback for the first time! Further fueling the buzz, 2023 witnessed the Brazil Supreme Dunks drop and the Reverse Brazil Dunks.

Now, the 2024 Brazil dunks are a tribute to Brazil’s national flag. It features a striking Varsity Maize, Pine Green, and White color combo. Faithfully recreating the iconic 2001 “Brazil” Dunk, this one rocks a full leather construction too.

So, with dynamic and lively colorways like this Dunk Low, your style game should be on point. Don’t forget to check out our go-to style guide to stay on-trend!Dunk low Brazil

Release Info

The Brazil dunk low will drop on February 2, 2024, for 115$. These kicks are worth $289 on average in resale, so you can make some decent profit from them! However, if you’re aiming for more profit, copping in bulk is the way to go. And since the kicks are dropping on Nike SNKRS, that makes the task a bit harder. So how can you ensure better copping chances?

How to Cop The Brazik Dunk Low?

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