Kobe 8 Triple White: A Soleful Tribute Drops on Mamba Day!

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Get ready for some excitement shit fam, and all you Mamba fans out there! Nike just dropped the bomb! Kobe Bryant is roaring back with a bang on Mamba Day! And, this date is not just akobe-8-triple-white birthday, it’s a full-blown celebration of Kobe’s life, his incredible influence, and his invincible spirit. That shit is extra meaningful because his untimely passing in 2020 sent shockwaves around the globe. However, it looks like Vanessa Bryant’s making sure Kobe’s legacy lives on, and this “Halo” drop is just the start! So, when you rock the upcoming Kobe 8 Triple White, you’re manifesting the spirit of a true champion.

Well, the Kobe 8 triple white is a shout-out to Bryant himself! Back in 2012, when Kobe 8 first hit the hardwood floor, it was the lightest in Bryant’s signature line. After all, Kobe himself practiced what he preached. He said: “I’m all about leveling up my game, always aiming for the top. Lighter and faster means I own that court. I’m like lightning, baby!”

So grab your snack and lace up your reading shoes! We’re about to dive into all the hype surrounding this tribute to the Black Mamba and his legacy.

Oh, and hey, while we’re on the subject of this legend, make sure to peep at the mind-blowing comeback of the Kobe 6 Italian camo. That shit might be dropping next year but we already know it’s gonna be fire! So, keep those eyes peeled on the shittiest blog of them all for the future lineup of Kobe Protro goodness.

Designing a Sneaker to Remember

Now, let’s step into pure elegance with the Nike Kobe 8 Triple White. Imagine the sleek lines of a snake combined with the elegance of an angel’s wings. That’s the Kobe 8 ‘Halo’ sneaker tribute in a nutshell. This masterpiece boasts a clean sweep of pure white that covers the low-top stunner, giving off those heavenly vibes that Kobe fans crave. Also, the angelic twist comes in the form of intricate wing patterns on the sides.

But hold on, we ain’t done yet! The midsole features a blend of cutting-edge technology and classic Kobe details. And for all you sneaker fashionistas out there, the outsole has a subtle, holographic touch that catches the light in a way that’s straight-up hypnotic.

Oh, and did y’all know that superstars like Ja Morant and Jordan Poole still rock the Kobe 8? Designed by Eric Avar, these kicks keep it light and low-cut, inspired by soccer swag.

So, if the anticipation for this drop were a pot of water, it would’ve boiled over by now! Sneakerheads and Kobe fans alike have been eagerly waiting for this moment, and it’s finally here yo. Mark your calendars for Mamba Day on August 23rd. The pair is set to launch on Nike SNKRS and select retailers for $180 for adults, $120 for grade school, and $80 for toddler pairs.

P.S. Not just Nike, but even Adidas is jumping in on the game. They’re bringing back Kobe Bryant’s OG kicks. The very first ones he rocked when he started out. And guess what? They’ve got a slick new name for it: ‘Crazy 8’. Lakers fans, this is some legendary stuff making a comeback!

nike-kobe-8-triple-whiteHow to Cop the Kobe 8 Triple White for Retail?

Now, let’s talk business, the sweet sound of reselling. You’re not just buying a sneaker, you’re investing in a potential goldmine. These Kobe 8 Triple White Halos are reselling for an average of $420 on StockX, a hefty markup from their retail price of $180. That’s pure profit waiting to be pocketed.

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