Nike KAWS Sky High Brought To You By a Good.. KAWS?

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Over the past decade, collaborations between the New Jersey native artist and the Swoosh conglomerate have consistently been among the most sought-after in the fashion world. The latest partnership, facilitated in part by Dover Street Market, focuses on aiding Sky High Farm, a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing food insecurity in underprivileged communities. Let’s dive into the KAWS Sky High Air Force 1s.

kaws-sky-high-air-force-1In a unique collaboration with Nike and Dover Street Market, Sky High Farm, co-founded by Dan Colen of the infamous IRAK crew, is reimagining Bruce Kilgore’s iconic basketball silhouette from the 1980s. This Air Force 1 project is expected to capture the attention of both art collectors and streetwear enthusiasts alike.
Dan Colen, in an exclusive interview with GQ, discussed the challenges of elitism and exclusivity within philanthropy. This struggle prompted him to think innovatively, leading to a collaboration with renowned artist KAWS, powered by Nike and Dover Street Market. Colen expressed admiration for KAWS, highlighting his trailblazing role in merging art with popular culture.

The KAWS Sky High Collection Details

nike-kaws-sky-highThe collaborative Air Force 1 design by KAWS for Sky High Farm maintains simplicity while unmistakably embodying KAWS’ signature style. The sneakers come in classic white and black color schemes, aligning with the iconic looks of the Air Force 1. Additionally, KAWS incorporates a unique touch with printed, dye-cut swooshes over original profile logos, inspired by the cloud-like imagery often associated with Sky High Farm.
Also, the charitable collection includes footwear and apparel crafted from reused Nike shoes and clothing, emphasizing a commitment to recognizing the abundance of creative design already present in the world. The project is set to launch in-store at DSMNY and online via on December 16th. While pricing details have not come out, anticipation is building for this distinctive collaboration that blends art, fashion, and philanthropy. Keep it posted to TSB blog for additional release info.

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