The Iconic History of Every Jordan Shoe Box Dropped Since ’85!

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In the world of Jordan Brand, rare collectibles reign supreme! And we’re not just talking about those sneakers worth millions! Stepping out with a fresh pair of Js is a feeling like no other. But equally crucial is the packaging they come in! Nike’s had its share of jaw-dropping special shoe boxes, but none compare to the allure and value of Jordan boxes. So, if you’ve ever wanted to take a journey through the history of every Jordan shoe box released, then this guide is all that you need!Jordan boxes

Here’s A Full List Of Every Dope Jordan Shoe Box Released

Jordan 1 (1985) – The Monumental Start

The debut of the Jordan 1 marked the start of an iconic sneaker legacy. Its OG red and white Jordan shoe box quickly became synonymous with authenticity and heritage.Jordan 1 Shoe Box

Jordan 2 (1987) – Wings of Quality

When it came to the Jordan 2, Nike made a unique shift. Presenting Jordan with his distinct white box featuring the original “Wings” logo. Each box proudly displayed a “Made in Italy” stamp, indicating the high quality of every pair.Jordan 2 Shoe Box

Jordan 3,4,5,6,7 (1988-1992) – Enter the Jumpman EraAir Jordans box

  • The Air Jordan 3s are the kicks that solidified Jordan’s partnership with Nike. They featured an all-cement draped sneaker box that perfectly looks like these HOT kicks.
  • In 1989, the Jordan 4s arrived in a sleek black Jordan box along with the timeless red Jumpman branding.
  • Fast forward to 1990, the Jordan Vs shook up the game, but the shoe box design remained classic and unchanged.
  • Later on, in 1992 the Jordan 5s came and were undeniably fire. But what truly set them apart was the cement-splattered base box they came in. 

Jordan 8,9,10 (1993-1995) –  Silver SimplicityAJ8 Packaging

After the AJ7, the Jordan 8 introduced a sleek black and silver colorway to the box design, setting a new elegant trend. This minimalistic approach continued with the 9 and 10 releases, showing consistency in design. 

Jordan 11, 12, 14, 15 (1997- 2000) – A Makeover For The GOAT’s Return

  • The Air Jordan 11’s release marked the end of an era in box design. The reused black and red cover seemed to foretell amid doubts about Michael Jordan’s return to basketball.AJ11 Packaging
  • Later on, with MJ’s BIG comeback, Nike debuted a new box for the Air Jordan 12s. Sporting a red top and black base, it paid homage to the Bulls’ away colors.
  • The Jordan 13, 14, & 15  were the first to feature a box without the Nike Swoosh or Air logo, instead opting for the iconic Jumpman.Jordan 15 Shoe Box

Jordan 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 (2001- 2005) – Breaking The Mold

  • Jordan Brand decided to mix things up a bit, and not just with the shoes. The Jordan 16’s box stood out with MJ’s face on the lid, bringing a fresh twist to the usual packagingAJ16 Packaging
  • In 2002, the Jordan 17 box set a new standard with a briefcase and interactive CD.AJ17 Jordan box
  • The Jordan 18 shoe box in 2003 featured a brush and towel for freshness.AJ18 Jordan box
  • The innovative two-tone split case of the Jordan 19 stole the spotlight in 2004.AJ19 Jordan box
  • In 2005, the Jordan 20 reused the 19 Jordan box but added velcro straps and a premium mesh bag.Jordan 20 Box

AJ 21 (2006) – A Bulky Gilded Packaging

In 2006, Jordan Brand unveiled the Jordan 21 with bulky yet stylish packaging. Despite its cool appearance, some sneakerheads chose to skip the box due to its tall and bulky design. Jordan 21 Box

Jordan 22, 23 (2007-2009) – Saying Goodbye to Roman Numerals

  • The Jordan 22 box had a standout design like a Big Mac box, making it unique.Jordan 22 shoe box
  • In 2008, the AJ23 box ended the use of Roman numerals. It had a black textured case with minimal branding, marking the end of an era.Jordan 23 box
  • The Jordan 2009 packaging looked more like a school assignment. However,  its different design got people interested, adding excitement to the release.Jordan box 2009

Jordan Boxes (2011-2012): The One With The “Flight” Campaign

  • The “Choose Your Flight” campaign was a hit, and the packaging for the customizable sole Jordan sneakers was equally remarkable.Jordan Choose your Flight
  • Continuing the trend, the 2012 Air Jordan packaging resembled gear for flight school, preparing you to take off.Jordan 2012 box

Air Jordan 28 (2013) –  A Sleek Laptop-like Case

Back to numbers, the Jordan 28s sparked controversy with their unconventional Jordan shoe box style. Resembling a laptop case rather than a typical sneaker box. Despite the departure from the norm, they presented a modern and sleek look.Jordan 28 Box

Jordan 29 (2014) – Return Of The Legendary Black/Red Mix

Last on our list we have the Jordan 29. The Jordan shoe box for these kicks injected vibrancy with a striking red and black palette. Jordan 29 Box

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