Jordan 7 Citrus: Don’t Be Sour When You Can Wear It!

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We love decade-old Jordan colorways. They just make you feel another kind of nostalgia! And shit from the 2000s still goes hard as heck! And today’s pair is coming straight from 2006. No retros in between, no nothing. But 2022 is like a comeback year for so many kicks, and we can barely keep up. If anything though, Jordan 7 Citrus is definitely worth keeping up with! Here’s all you need to know about these sour babies. And if you’re looking for a brand new colorway and design, maybe Jordan 1 Biohack is the pair you need.


Jordan 7 Citrus: 2006 Was the Year of Cool Shit!

So Jordan Brand was being creative and shit with their sneakers in 2006. Now although 2022 also threw some epic kicks our way, we’re still nostalgic for the 2000s. And all the aesthetic of that era is kinda creepin’ up on us, and we don’t mind it at all! Now Jordan 7 Citrus checks all the boxes when it comes to awesome looks.

It starts with an all-black nubuck upper, and the midsole is also mainly black. But all-black could be plain, so we got citrus yellow stitching to live up to the name. That ain’t all though, because the black midsole and heel rock hits of fiery red and citrus yellow too! So if you’re looking at the full picture, the kicks are totally colorful and classy. You can actually style these babies in so many different ways without even breaking a sweat!


Release Deets

Aight, if you’re excited about this release, we get the sentiment. Jordan 7 Citrus will drop on July 2, 2022, for $200. And if you want another reason to feel the hype for these kicks, we can take a look at the 2006 pair. These babies are currently worth $510 on the resale market. So if you wanna make a quick buck, the Citruses is a great potential source of side cash!

How to Get Jordan 7 Citrus Off Nike SNKRS?

So Nike SNKRS drops are legit a pain in the a$$, as it usually is with sneaker apps. But if you’re looking for a way to score some Ws and avoid the Ls like a boss, you’ll need luck and a few gadgets. First off, make sure you get yourself the best Nike bot available because manual work doesn’t always come in handy. (See what we did there?)

Anyway, if you’re looking for something good and affordable, TSB is here for the rescue! For only $300 you can get your sneaker botting journey started. You’ll also be able to save some cash to get proxies and Nike accounts. And finally, if you manage to score more than one pair, you can get your sneaker resale business going! After all, practice makes perfect fam!

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