Jordan 3 Dark Iris – Bloomin’ Just in Time for Summer Days!

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We ain’t no florists, but we sure know our kicks and their names! And the new Jordan 3 Dark Iris is the perfect summer bloom for those looking for light kicks. If you’re on the lookout for something to cool your hot days without going over the top, this is it. But that’s not the only reason we’re excited about this pair. It’s actually just one of the reasons. So let’s check them sneakers out and see how you can get them and avoid the L. And if you’re looking for more kicks, here are the best summer sneakers to keep the drip going!


Jordan 3 Dark Iris – Does Is Look As Good As It Smells?

If you’re on the hunt for the next cool kicks, we got ya fam! The new Jordan 3 Dark Iris features some classic elements that we all know and love. From the leather upper to the cement mudguards, it feels super familiar. But, it’s not actually familiar, despite what your brain’s trying to convince you. The new bit about these kicks is the hit of dark iris purple on the midsoles and the collar areas.

If you think that this is a clean-looking pair of sneakers, then stand in line. Whether you’re just looking for a casual pair of beaters or wanna complete your sneaker collection, this is it! That shit is bloomin’ hard just like dark irises on hot summer days. So read on to find out all the release information we have!


Release Deets

Jordan 3 Dark Iris was initially gonna drop in July. However, the latest leaks said that the release got a push… a long one at that. The kicks will now drop on August 24, 2022, for $200. The GS size of the kicks will probably retail for $150. And whether you’re copping for the flex or the flip, that shit’s worth it. In fact, the kicks will easily make you $100 in profit because you can flip them for $300 on average!

How to Get Jordan 3 Dark Iris on Drop Day?

Jordan 3 Dark Iris will drop on Nike SNKRS. And you know what that means. A potential L that could kill your mood. So, to avoid that shit, make sure you get yourself a good Nike bot that will do the work for you! Instead of having to handle the address jigging yourself, for example, the bot will do it for you. It’ll also do all the shit you do at a much faster pace.

And if you’re looking for an affordable bot that can still do the hard work, it’s TSB! The shittiest bot in the game (in a good way) will only cost you $300. It supports more than 40 Nike SNKRS regions, so wherever you are in the world, TSB got your back! And for $300, you can spare some cash to get some great proxies and Nike accounts. Good luck!

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