Jordan 3 Black Cat: Time To Flex His Airness Feline Flair!

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Some superstitions claim that Black Cats are all about bad luck. For us sneakerheads, it’s all the good luck we can ask for! Air Jordans’ history with the legendary Black Cat colorway is pretty rich! So, one of the biggest Jordan releases in 2024 is the Jordan 3 Black Cat in full-on black. Rereleasing for the first time in 17 years, it’s the classic sneaker you immensely need to cop. So, let’s see how this Jordan 3 will cast spells on our style & reselling cat jordan 3

Black Cat Jordans: More Than MJ’s Nickname!

“He moved like a cat, with feline movement, sharp and sleek”, said Tinker Hatfield. So, no wonder the ‘Black Cat’ is one of the most famous nicknames for MJ. 

Basically, the Black Cat vibe also blessed iconic silhouettes like the Jordan 4, last seen in 2020. Not only that but even the Jordan 6, 13, and 34 caught the Black Cat wave. Keep in mind that these Black Cat Jordans are flipping high in the aftermarket! Now, with the Jordan 3 Black Cat on the way, 2024 is shaping up to be quite an awesome year! This sneaker may be one of the sleekest and coolest of all Air Jordans! You really can’t go wrong with an all-black Jordan! Black Cat Jordans

Jordan 3 Black Cat: A Stealthy Look For Your Feet

Now, most Air Jordan 3s pop off with those crazy bright colors and the usual leather vibe, but the ‘Black Cat’ flips the script.

No official pics for the 2024 retro just yet, but bet it’s gonna roll like its ’07 predecessor. So, the Black Cat Jordan 3 will feature a Black and Dark Charcoal upper, mostly rocking that nubuck feel. Glossy patent leather overlays shine on the mudguards, showing a classic black elephant print on the toes and heels.

And the best part? No need to go out of your way and buy a fancy sneaker cleaner every time you throw these bad boys on your feet!air jordan 3 black cat

Release Alert: Shitloads Of Resell Profit On Their Way

So, the Jordan 3 Black Cat will return to the sneaker scene in the 2024 Holiday Season for $210. And let us tell you, these Black Cats Jordans are worth every single penny!  These kicks are flipping for a massive $800 on the aftermarket! So reselling multiples will make you a BIG profit. But how can you buy sneakers for retail in bulk?

How To Cop The Jordan 3 Black Cat?

Actually, it’s easier than you might think. You just need the right SNKRS bot that can pass even Nike’s cruel restrictions!

Don’t look too far though, because we have just the thing for you! TSB is here to smash all your bad luck on SNKRS! Get your copy today, start testing it out, and cook up the perfect recipe for success. In the meantime, keep an eye on our blog for the latest sneaker and botting news.

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