Jordan 1 Marina Blue: Jordan Brand Be Servin’ Heat Mid-Cold!

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Hello, 2022! Let’s just hope that the year ain’t as trash as 2020-too… get it? Anyway, today we ain’t here to share our sense of humor. (You’re welcome to hit us up for some puns anytime though) We’re actually here to talk about one of the new year’s releases that will burn even the coldest of hearts! Jordan 1 Marina Blue is the pair every sneakerhead gotta add to their everyday rotation. Here’s what you gotta know about them kicks!


Jordan 1 Marina Blue – A Blue Pair to Fight the Blues!

So alright, we’re not really getting an OG Royal retro, but we’re totally getting a good alternative! You know, you can’t have two retros in one season’s lineup! God forbid, the world would totally end, but whatever. So anyway, if you want a taste of them retros, check out the awesome Jordan 12 Playoffs! It’s gonna satisfy your retro cravings, even if it’s for a short while.

The Looks of It

Now that we’re done with our ranting, might as well check out our next cart addition! The new Jordan 1 Marina Blue features an awesome black leather base. Meanwhile, the overlays will come in, you guessed it, dark marina blue leather! The classic white midsole sits on outsoles with the same shade of blue too. So if you ask us, them kicks be hittin’ really hard in the colorway department!


Release Deets

Jordan 1 Marina Blue will drop on February 16, 2022, just in time for the All-Star weekend yo! For the rec, the game will be on February 20. So, the kicks are gonna retail for the usual $170. But the resale, on the other hand, you’re gonna have a field day. A pair of Marina Blues is worth $465 on average! You know what that means? It means we coppin’, we flippin’, we makin’ money!

How to Grab Your Own Jordan 1 Marina Blue!

We all know how crappy Nike SNKRS drops are man. Heck, people are discussing their first L of the year… Sad, right? These people probably don’t have a good Nike bot though. And maybe they do but didn’t hook it up with the right proxies and Nike accounts. So make sure you don’t do that and you’re good! But always keep in mind that the bot won’t get you that pair for sure. It’ll just give you the push you need for a fair game!

And besides the good bot, make sure you’re always in the know. Nothing beats good connections in the sneaker industry, and every other industry, no cap. That’s why you gotta make sure to join the best cook groups you can reach! And one last tip: keep checking our blog for the latest shit. Happy copping yo!

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