Jordan 1 Georgetown: Takin’ Us Back to ‘85’s School Spirit!

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This is for all the retro geeks out there. If you feel like you’re in the wrong era, then this drop is definitely for you! A pretty familiar colorway, with the OG silhouette… What more can we ask for, huh? Jordan 1 Georgetown ‘85 is here to remind us that Air Jordans are here to stay, even without hype collabs. It’s also here to remind us that college basketball is where the excitement’s at! So grab that school spirit and let’s get to know our next purchase. And if you’re looking for mo’ kicks mo’ kicks, Jordan 3 Muslin is dropping soon!


Jordan 1 Georgetown: Classics Never Die

When you drop a new silhouette, you’re not sure what’s gonna work and what won’t. So naturally, when Peter Moore was at the design table, he created many more colorways than the ones we got. Of course, they didn’t all make the cut, and one of these colorways was Jordan 1 Georgetown. BUT! Since the Dunks were making a college debut, we got to see the Hoyas colorway on the Nike Dunk High. We also got them in the low cut in 2021, so we ain’t got nothing to complain about.

It’s a Looker Just Like Them ‘85 OGs!

Rumor has it that the new Jordan 1 Georgetown will be as true to the ‘85 OGs as it possibly can. The yellow spongy tongues certainly make sure we remember that. That’s not all though, cause the whole colorway gives off a vintage-ish vibe. The upper rocks a white leather base with signature Georgetown navy leather overlays! So if you ask us, we think that shit’s worth the cop any day of the week yo.


Release Deets

Jordan 1 Georgetown ‘85 High will drop on April 2, 2022, for the usual $200. But fam, every penny you’ll pay will be worth it. You’re not only buying kicks, you’re buying a story, and some nice profit if you’re flipping! The kicks are worth $400 on the aftermarket, aka 2x their retail price. So imagine flipping multiple pairs? You’ll be making profit in no time!

How to Get Jordan 1 Georgetown?

If you’re real serious about copping the new Jordan 1 Georgetown, you’ll wanna read on. When a pair of kicks is hot and profitable, you know shit’s about to get serious. So if you wanna have a fair chance at taking a W (or multiples), you’ll need a Nike SNKRS bot. But the not-so-secret success ingredient is obviously the addition of proxies and Nike accounts! Otherwise, you can kiss them kicks goodbye, or get them off the aftermarket for 2x their price. Good luck!

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