The Best Black Jordans to Make Your Collection Envy-Worthy!

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The Power of Colorways in Jordan Legacy

Black Jordans

Oh boy, have you ever stopped and thought about what makes the Jordan brand so iconic? Well, one of the secret sauces is the colorways. Jordan’s diverse array of colors and designs has sneakerheads lining up for days. But here’s the deal: not all colorways are created equal, and today we’re gonna delve into the crème de la crème, the best black Air Jordans! Black Js are like that little black dress that never goes out of style. They’re the epitome of cool and can be rocked anywhere. And if they fit well and you style them right, you can steal any show!

The Best of The Best Black Jordans

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Black Toe’

Starting strong, let’s talk about a classic – the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Black Toe’. A blend of black, white, and red, these black Jordans

made waves when they first dropped in 1985 and continue to do so today. Truly one of the best Black Air Jordans to ever exist, with a dash of a sexy red that makes them what they are! They’re versatile, they’re stylish, and for all the right reasons, the resale value is going through the roof! Currently, you can expect to drop anywhere between $500 to $1,500 for a pair of these bad boys.

The Outfit Transformer: Air Jordan 4 ‘Black Cat’

Next up on our list of best black Air Jordans is the sleek and stylish Air Jordan 4 ‘Black Cat’. With its all-black colorway, this shoe can transform any outfit into a statement. Released in 2006, and re-released in 2020, it’s an homage to MJ’s nickname “Black Cat”. Resale prices range from $600 to $800+. It’s an investment your wardrobe deserves!

The Luxurious Beast: Air Jordan 11 Retro ‘Cap and Gown’

Can we take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is the AJ11 ‘Cap and Gown’ aka ‘Prom Night’? These black Js were made to impress with

a luxurious blend of patent leather and suede. Giving off the hottest Tux vibes ever! These dropped back in 2018 and can make anyone look like a million bucks. Resale prices? Buckle up, because these are reselling for $400 to a whopping $600.

The Ultimate Hybrid: Air Jordan 12 ‘OVO’ Black

Imagine combining the swag of rapper Drake with the legacy of the Jordan brand. What do you get?

The Air Jordan 12 ‘OVO’ Black. Dating back to 2017, these black Jordans are a must-have for anyone looking to take their sneaker game to the next level. The resale market is pretty wild for these, fetching anywhere between $600 and $800+!

The Modern Classic: Off-White x Air Jordan 5 Retro ‘Black’

Designer Virgil Abloh knows how to leave an impression. His collaboration with Nike for the Off-White x Air Jordan 5 Retro ‘Black’ is one for

the books. Released in 2020, these black Js have a contemporary design with a nostalgic twist. And a genius designer who’s left quite the mark on the sneaker industry. Now although they’re not really as black as you’d sometimes wish, they fit on this list so perfectly! The resale value? Brace yourselves – these kicks go for anywhere from $800 to an astounding $2,000!

The Style Alchemist: Air Jordan 6 ‘Black Infrared’

When talking about the best black Jordans, it’s criminal not to mention the Air Jordan 6 ‘Black

Infrared’. Released in 1991, these shoes have quite the backstory. This is what MJ wore during his first NBA championship! The resale value of newer versions from 2000 and 2019 are going for $300 – $600. But honestly, can you put a price on such a rich history?

The Honor of Rocking One of The Best Black Jordans!

Now that you’ve got the scoop on the best black Air Jordans, let’s talk about how you can style them Black Js for a perfect look! Pair them with slim jeans, joggers, or shorts, and let the shoes be the star of your outfit. Remember, black Js are statement-makers, so balance them with neutral colors for a flawless look.

Ultimately, the best black Jordans are not just shoes; they are a lifestyle. So, go on and wear them with pride and swag!

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