Nike Celebrates the Lunar New Year With the Year of the Dragon Dunks

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We can’t quite explain how 2023 is already almost over, but we can tell you this, 2024 is already looking pretty bright sneaker-wise. The Lunar New Year sneakers are the zodiac tradition we’re definitely here for. A couple weeks back, Jordan announced their Year of the Dragon Jordan 1s, and now, the Year of the Dragon Dunks have been unveiled. Our excitement? Not-so-contained.

year-of-the-dragon-dunks-2The Scaly Year of the Dragon Dunks

Over the years, Nike has dropped multiple Chinese New Year-related sneakers like the Year of the Ox’s Firecracker and the Year of the Rabbit. This year, the Swoosh carries on the tradition with the Dragon zodiac.
Eastern influence envelopes this design starting with a scaly “Dusty Cactus” green around the toe, along the tongue, and across the heel. A creamy color offsets the traditional Swoosh, also in scaly leather. Joining it is a tinier embroidered Swoosh just for the fun of it.
Other noteworthy details include the pops of red on the sneaker, speaking to the color typically worn during the Chinese New Year to bring good luck and fortune. Additionally, the sneaker flaunts a bright turquoise sole and a claw-like lace dubrae.

Release Deets

Currently, we’re still waiting on an official release date from Nike SNKRS. The Year of the Dragon kicks off February 10th, 2024, so maybe we’ll catch the pair around then? What we do know is this special women’s Dunk will drop for $135. And by the looks of it, it’s gonna be worth every penny! Keep it posted to the TSB blog for the official release date.

Cop ‘em Dunks For Retail

We all know this pair is a limited-edition model that won’t be around after it drops. How to secure your own pair?
If you’re thinking “Oh I’ll just add these to my cart and proceed to checkout” don’t kid yourself, you’re adding an L to that cart, my friend.
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