Nike Reebok Ad Rivalry: Igniting Giants or Just Smokin’ Mirrors?

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Ah, the sneaker world drama never disappoints, right? Especially when it involves the big players like Nike. Lately, things have been heating up more than ever in the world of Swoosh. The $2 billion layoffs bomb dropped. And then they went ahead and threw some legal punches at New Balance. But hold up, the real showdown is about to begin! Enter the stage of the Nike Reebok ad rivalry. Are we about to witness the Titans reignite their epic battle? What’s the backstory behind this vintage clash? Let’s dive in, spill the tea, and uncover all those juicy secrets together.Nike Reebok rivalry

Reebok’s Latest Ad: Proving Less Is Sometimes Better

Before we delve into the past, let’s first explore the factor that sparked the frozen Nike Reebok rivalry. 

So, Reebok Nano vs Nike Metcon is a  solid rivalry, particularly among CrossFitters.  Fast Forward, the Nano X4, Reebok’s latest offering, drops with a cheeky ad throwing shade at Nike Metcons! Humorously point out their perceived shortcomings. Unveiled at the Wodapalooza CrossFit event, the Nano X4 boasts a futuristic sole upgrade and a sci-fi-inspired rope guard system. Taking a playful jab at Nike’s Metcon series. 

Moreover, Nano X4 draws Nike’s Shox and Air Max inspiration, featuring a heel rocket booster for added innovation. While Nike’s Metcon 7 brought the rope guard in 2021; Reebok countered with Nano X4. Actually, showcasing a mic-drop moment with a built-in fan.

With all said, Nike Reebok ad rivalry adds a fun twist to the fitness footwear scene. Maybe, this banter might inspire Nike to revamp their Metcon line and perhaps fire back at Reebok. Or perhaps Nike will keep it simple, take their own advice, and just do it.


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Reebok Nike Rivalry, Decades-Old Battle

Reebok vs Nike

Reebok vs Nike, a saga spanning decades, reached its zenith in the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s. Originally positioned as a ‘Nike killer,’ Reebok faced a downturn eventually, losing its No. 1 spot.

  • In the ’90s, Reebok snatched Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson from Nike. However, their lifetime deal with the NBA GOAT MJ at that time changed the play! 
  • In the 2000s, Nike retaliated by securing LeBron James. Who in fact rejected a $10 million Reebok offer for a lucrative $90 million deal with Nike! 
  • In 2011, the dynamics intensified when Reebok became the official shoe of CrossFit. Dominating the scene with the flagship Reebok Nano.
  • In 2015, Nike made waves in CrossFit with an ad campaign featuring the Metcon sneaker in iconic colors. The slogan “Don’t ban our shoe, beat our shoe” marked their aggressive entry. Even Nike-sponsored Mat Fraser had to wear Reebok during the Games.
  • In 2020, the rivalry took a twist. Reebok lost its CrossFit sponsorship due to controversial remarks by founder Greg Glassman. 

To wrap It Up

In the ever-changing sneaker scene, the outcome of the Reebok Nike rivalry saga is unpredictable. Despite the uncertainties, we’re still vibing with the classics that slay both our style and the resale game. Enter the iconic Air Jordans, they’re the real deal! So, pause for a sec and peep the HOT 2024 Jordan lineup that’s here to keep you pumped!

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