Nike Dunk Low Syracuse Launch: Makes a Pitstop in Kentucky!

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Nike Dunk’s already 35 and commemorating! You’re at your prime, fam! No need to panic. That’s what we love about you. Firstly, you didn’t just go and overdo your pre-midlife crisis celebration. Secondly, you kept it real simple. Went down the Nike Dunk Low Syracuse lane. Revived the Classics. Went back from whence you came AND SHIT: to the defining moment of your 1985 debut. Which had college kids packing all them colors like their scores depended on it! But hey, being true to school was the point, so don’t go blamin’ them freshies!


Now, more about the now. With March Madness coming right up on the 15th, these true-to-school drops are releasing just ONE day before the 2020 NCAA Tournament! Some plan.

From Nike Dunk Low Syracuse…

We’ve all seen that orange blaze before on a Nike Dunk. You’re the one, Nike Dunk High Syracuse. But even with the Dunk Low, we’re still aiming high. With a white leather upper and orange leather overlays, our boy’s keeping a low-profile. There’s not much more to it except for the Nike branding on the tongue and rubber outsole. Right and it’s got orange laces. Better not leave that part out. It ties shit together. The Nike Dunk Low Syracuse will launch on March 14, 2020 on for a retail price of $100 at precisely 10:00 AM ET. 

Nike Dunk Syracuse 1


Nike Dunk Low Syracuse: Rumor Has It…

Initial releases of the Nike Dunk Low Syracuse took place in Australia on February 15 at select retailers like Up There Store and Subtype. For 140 AUD. But fam, we can’t seem to figure out what went down in Aussie town. And we ain’t giving any of our shits about it. Because our bad boys will be down at holy Nike in just a few days!


…To Dunk Low Kentucky!

We’re about to have another NBA-All Star exclusive 2020 release! And this Dunk Low got us wishin’ we got Devin Booker sized feet. Dipped in some sweet Kentucky blue, this Dunk got us taking Big Blue Nation to a low new level. It gots some freaky Wildcats action going on with its white leather base and varsity blue overlays. Same as Nike Dunk Low Syracuse, it will launch on March 14 for a retail price of $100. Wanna know what that got us thinking about? The Air Jordan 1 Zoom Fearless ALSO releasing on March 14. That’s ANOTHER release racing in blue and we’re preparing for combat. Are you on team Wildcat or team Fearless?!

Nike Dunk Syracuse 2


Dunk for Luck?

We’ve got a big copping day comin’ on the 14th. With these honorary Nike Dunk Low colorways and the Air Jordan 1 Zoom Fearless, we’ve got another “wildling” joining the race: The Nike SB Dunk Low Safari! Better watch out for the big better ride! But if you’re serious about honoring the legendary Nike Dunk, you better call the shots. It will only turn 35 once and sure as hell deserves some appreciation! So, are you in to win this with TSB? Because we’re here to bring you closer to your own pair of legacy.

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