Nike Air Force History: Uncover The Saga Of A Sneaker Legend!

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Today’s story is a straight-up banger. We die-hard sneakerheads love diving into the epic tales of our favorite kicks. From the lit history of Air Jordans to the blockbuster past of the Nike Dunks, we can’t get enough! Now, it’s time to spotlight another timeless Nike titan: the Air Force 1. Pulling in $800 million yearly for the Swoosh, it’s undoubtedly one of the greatest shoes EVER. Its 42-year legacy is a must-know chapter in the sneaker saga. But did you know there are many Air Forces? Bet many don’t. So, how many Air Forces are out there? And what makes Nike Air Force history so GREAT? Let’s find out!

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Nike Air Force History: From President’s Ride to Hoops Champ

Let’s kick it off with the OG in Nike Air Force history: the AF1. Bruce Kilgore, the man behind everything from kitchen gadgets to cars, entered the scene and scored big with the AF1. Despite his other successes like the Jordan 2 and Nike Sock Racer, nothing quite tops the AF1.

Bruce Kilgore

Following the Tailwind’s Air-tech success, Nike set its sights on the basketball market. Bruce was chosen to create the first basketball shoe with Air technology. The AF1 wasn’t just about Air; it introduced a durable cup sole and a threaded outsole for agile court movements. Even Tinker Hatfield, one the most popular sneaker designers in the world sneaker guru, was impressed by the AF1’s performance. Making him shift from architecture to sneaker design fame!

Now, here’s where it gets interesting: the AF1’s link to the President’s Air Force One private plane! It’s more than a name; it’s a symbol of prestige, power, and style. This connection shone brightly in one of Nike’s best ads ever.

As for Nike’s marketing for the AF1, it was spot on! One of the unforgettable campaigns featured NBA original stars. Perfectly, solidifying its high-profile status and injecting sneaker passion in everyone.

Air Force 1 the original six

Originally a PE for the NBA’s Original Six, the AF1 gained popularity with its ’84 general release. Nelly’s anthem “Air Force 1” propelled it back into the limelight in 2002. And since then, it’s been a magnet for those elite collabs. We’re talking Off-White, Travis Scott, Supreme, Tiffany & Co., and way more!

How Many Nike Air Forces Are There?

Did you know there’s more to Nike Air Force history than just the AF1? Lately, folks have been asking questions, especially with NIGO rocking those fresh Air Force 3s. Whether it’s the Air Force 2, 3, STS, 5, or 180, these kicks haven’t really hit it off with sneakerheads or kept their hype. They’ve been low-key released and slept on, chilling in sneaker archives without the collabs or buzz that makes a sneaker pop. But chill, we’ve got you covered with a rundown of some of the most lit Air Forces to set things straight!how many air forces are thereNike Air Force Models

Are Nike Air Forces Ruling the Aftermarket Game Or What?

Truth is, none of these Air Forces can touch the Air Force 1 when it comes to reselling. It’s all about those high-profile collabs that the AF1 keeps scoring. I mean, we’re talking serious cash here: like the super rare $29, 700 K DJ Clark Kent pack, the $7,837 Louis Vuitton x Nike AF1 Gold, and the $12,000 Ssense x Virgil Abloh! These kicks are pure cash cows. But with Nike cutting AF1 production and 2024’s lineup making waves, how do we cop these super-hyped kicks without taking those harsh Ls?

TSB2 Is All That You Need To Cop Every Hot Nike Air Force Drop

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