Another Mismatched Nike: Multicolor Dunks Hitting Again in “Sunset Pulse”

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It doesn’t look like Nike will be slowing the hell down when it comes to new Dunk colorways this year. And this upcoming exciting pair seems to be THE SHIT: exciting colors, exciting flashiness, and more exciting mismatching-ness. These multicolor Dunks are for them ladies, though!

Multicolor Dunks with An Extra Shine


You better not be colorblind because this pair is all about color. Not only is this shoe extra vibrant, but the two pairs aren’t even alike! We already know that Nike is going to release multiple colorways with a mismatched theme. But this one is just batshit crazy.

The only problem with these multicolor Dunks is that you don’t really know where the hell to begin when describing them. So, you better hold your breaths for long on this one, fam. Anywho, let’s get to it.

All About the Flashy Looks

The pair features both suede and metallic leather all over. Suede runs across the base of the shoe while the shiny leather covers the overlays. A shimmery Silver hits the Swooshes, heels, eyestays, and the labels on the tongues. We’re thankful for finding a bit of neutrality with a tiny dash of white on this pair’s midsoles. The Swooshes, tongue branding, and soles are basically the only thing in common between both pairs of this sick-ass shoe. Mismatching appears once again on the laces and rubber outsoles, where one pair has them in red and the other in green. So damn loud!

multicolor-dunks-sunset-pulse multicolor-dunks-sunset-pulse Drop and Cop Deets

These multicolor Dunks are going to drop on May 19th in a new “Sunset Pulse” colorway, with a $100 USD retail price.

We can guarantee you one thing, fam: this mismatched pair can match any shit you have in your closet. Other than that, we highly advise you to turn up your best Nike bot when this kick drops. We expect these dunks to get close to the resale of the Low Pastel Dunks that were part of April’s Easter pack. They look pretty similar anyway, with a sprinkle of shiny on the Sunsets. Besides, pretty colorways always resell. So, you can safely flip multiple of these vibrant dunks and get you a shitload of cash. And if the pair is your style, you might as well keep one for your own flexin’ game for the summer.

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