The KD 4 Weatherman Will Bring Clear Skies To Countless Fans!

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Kicks with unique vibes and stories always hit differently! Today, we’re dropping the real cure for all your dull days! After chilling in the clouds for 13 years, the extremely limited KD 4 Weatherman is back. Rocking that unforgettable colorway, flipping the script on Durant moonlighting as a meteorologist. So, let’s check out what these babies are serving up this year!Nike KD 4 Weatherman

KD 4s 2024: Echoing Big Moves, Turning Heads

The Nike KD 4 is hardly a retro release. To date, the only rerelease is 2018’s “Thunderstruck” pair from Nike’s “Champions Think 16” collection. However2024 is shaking things up for the KD 4s! Bringing back the highly coveted yet rare KD 4 Galaxy and KD 4 Nerf after a cool decade! Note that both are killing it in the resale game with huge numbers! But watch out, the 2024 KD 4 Weatherman stands out as the true icon.

KD 4 Weatherman: Forecasting A 100% Chance Of Style  

Now, this Nike KD 4 immediately catches the eye with its lit colorway and killer design. The KD 4 Weatherman rocks a dope mix of Green, Volt, and Orange, giving off those Doppler radar vibes. The upper’s graphic overlays mimic a weather map. And the translucent outsole is repping a sick weather map pattern. 

But here’s the kicker, the insoles are dropping some real talk, one saying ‘The Forecast Calls for a Thunder Storm,’ and the other flashing weatherman symbols. Indeed, it’s rare to see such a one-of-a-kind design!

Nike Zoom KD 4 Weatherman

Release Info: KD 4s Always Cashin’ In!

So, the KD 4 Weatherman will hit the shelves on the 2nd of May, 2024 for $130. And if you’re still questioning buying these KD 4s, don’t overthink it! The OG 2011 edition is currently scoring a massive +$750 on both StockX and GOAT! So you better get your priorities straight!

KD 4 Weatherman: How to Win Drop Day?Nike KD 4 2024

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