Jordan Release Dates: Your Guide to Scoring Every Drop

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The anticipation surrounding the ever-iconic sneakers called Air Jordans requires reliable sources of information. Fortunately, the sneaker community offers a swarm of highways where sneaker freaks like us can stay up-to-date on all the drops. From the official Nike platform to dedicated sneaker news websites and vibrant social media communities, the channels are diverse. Join us as we explore these sources, ensuring you navigate the dynamic landscape of Air Jordan release dates with precision and ease.

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So Where Do I Find All the Jordan Release Dates?

It’s worth mentioning that all the sources we’re stating below are FREE, and will apply to any sneaker brand you’re going after—not just Jordans.

The Official Nike website and SNKRS App

First things first, you gotta check the official Nike website. Particularly the Jordan Brand section where they often provide release dates for upcoming Air Jordan releases. And don’t forget about the dedicated platform for sneaker releases, Nike’s SNKRS app. It frequently provides information about upcoming Air Jordan releases, including release dates and times.

Sneaker News Websites and Blogs

You can also discover Air Jordan release dates on reputable sneaker news websites. Reliable sources are crucial because the resale market thrives on hype. When it comes to Jordan release dates, obtaining information quickly from trustworthy sources is essential. The good news is they’re all over the internet. The best sneaker blog out there? Probably your pal, TSB. But to be objective, some of our faves are Sneaker News, Hypebeast, and Highsnobiety, to name a few.

Check Social Media For Jordan Release Dates

We’re stating the very obvious when we say follow Nike and Jordan on their socials like Instagram and X. But following dedicated sneaker stalkers and enthusiasts can get you a lot more scoops and juicy news than you’d expect. Nonetheless, there will always be unreliable sources spreading false news or info they know nothing about. So, stick to reputable pages like @NiceKicks and @SoleCollector. Additionally, most sneaker bots and proxies have social media which can also help notify you of upcoming Jordan releases.

Sneaker Reddit

Engaging with the sneaker community on forums like Reddit’s r/Sneakers or other sneaker-related forums can be super beneficial for your sneaker journey. Jordan Reddit boasts one of the largest sneaker communities where members engage in discussions, voting, and content sharing. Within this community, members exchange information on Jordan release dates, share their experiences with copping Air Jordans, and post various related content. Additionally, there are larger communities with broader audiences, such as r/Sneakers, which frequently share content, including the latest Air Jordan news.

However, if you don’t mind spending the money, the best and most reliable way to find Air Jordan release dates is by joining sneaker cook groups. They notify you of every upcoming drop. And some can even help you cop the kicks you want!

Wrapping Up

Remember that release dates are never set in stone and often change. So, it’s always a good idea to double-check information closer to the expected release date. Additionally, be aware of different time zones if you’re trying to purchase sneakers online at a specific time. Trust us, you’ll hate yourself if you ever miss a drop over mixed-up time zones.
And don’t sleep on hooking yourself up with The Shit Bot to dominate all the Jordan copping you need!

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