Jordan 4 Infrared: Because The Color Spectrum Ain’t Enough!

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Okay, Jordan Brand didn’t really run out of colors despite what their naming techniques suggest. Jokes aside though, the new Jordan 4 Infrared is a pretty sick pair. Whenever we think that shit can’t get better JB pulls a new stunt on us and drops cool kicks. But what makes the new Infrareds stand out from other Summer 2022 drops? Read on to find that out along with all the release deets you need! And speaking of cool sneakers, did you check out the upcoming Jordan 4 Zen Master? If you didn’t, make sure you take a look at it here!


Why Does Jordan 4 Infrared Look Kinda Familiar?

Yes, if you’ve been a sneakerhead for long enough, you’ll notice something familiar about Jordan 4 Infrared. Let’s take a trip down memory lane peeps. Back in 2013, Jordan Brand dropped the Jordan 4 Green Glow. It featured a mixed-gray upper with hits of green glow. See where this is going now, can’t you?

Jordan 4 Infrared features the same mix of grey suede upper as the Green Glows. The lacewings obviously come in infrared, along with the inside of the tongue. The midsole is classic white, and the whole look is complete with grey outsoles. That’s the only difference between the Infrareds and Green Glows. The outsole on the 2013 colorway was also green. But we ain’t gonna be that picky about it because the grey suits Jordan 4 Infrared just as well!


Release Deets

We thought we’d be talking about these babies a long time ago fam. You see, Jordan 4 Infrared was supposed to drop back in February 2022. And boy, everyone was loving that shit, but February came and went, and we got no Infrareds. As usual, JB postponed the release, and this time they did it for almost 4 months! The pair will finally drop on June 15, 2022, for $200. And trust us, that shit’s worth every penny because you can flip it for $472 on average! So if you ain’t in it for the looks, you gotta be in it for the money yo.

I Wanna Wear AND Flip Jordan 4 Infrared Though!

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