Jordan 37: That XXXVII Plays The Neo-Retro Vibe So Well!

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Welcome to the yearly silhouette reveal! It’s not right for us to be suckers for Nikes and Jordans and not have that discussion. And if you know your shit, then you know that we get a new silhouette almost every year since Jordan endorsed the swoosh. So we know how the kicks are always evolving with the newest tech. But this year’s Jordan 37 is like a walk down memory lane while keeping it modern! So what’s up with the new silhouette? Let’s find out together!


New Jordan 37? Let’s Talk New Tech!

So basically, it takes the NSRL (Nike’s Sport Research Lab) lots of time to come up with the best Jordans. However, this year’s focus was all about the three stages of a jump: the crash, load, and launch! The heels feature a TPU mold with the new Formula 23 foam. The carbon fiber midfoot is also back since the Jordan 32! And finally, of course, it wouldn’t be an Air Jordan without the actual Air. That’s why an Air Zoom unit on the forefoot completes that shit.


Now, done with the cushioning and technicalities, we got the upper design. It introduces the brand new Lenoweave, which is a sheer but durable material. But that’s not where shit goes down fam! The whole design and patterns on the sneakers are actually inspired by the really cool-looking Jordan 7. I mean, who hates that? MJ and the Dream Team won the Olympic Gold Medal in these babies! Moreover, the outsole also looks kinda similar to the 7’s zigzagging pattern, so there’s that.


Release Deets

So we don’t know many details, but we already know that two colorways will drop before the end of 2022. First off, the Beyond Borders colorway will drop in September 2022. Meanwhile, the exciting Hare colorway will follow later in Fall 2022. So that shit is pretty exciting if you ask us!

How to Catch The Jordan 37?

You didn’t think that we were gonna leave you hanging, did you fam? Well, if you wanna cop the new Jordan 37, you’ll wanna have a Nike bot, because everybody gets excited in the beginning. And usually, the hottest colorways drop first! So if you wanna get a good Nike bot, why not check out TSB? For only $300 per year, you’ll be copping shit that will help you start a sneaker resale business!

And if you do that, you’ll need proxies and Nike accounts. You can’t cook without the right shit in the mix yo! So make sure you do your research before you step into the world of sneakers and shit. Good luck!

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