Jordan 1 Metallic Burgundy: The Hardest Jordan To Find Is Back!

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Is 2024 the ultimate “Legends Revival Year”? 2024 is gearing up for a throwback like never before! So in a sneaker world flooded with Jordan 1s, those OG classics are still etched in our minds. The Jordan 1 Metallic Burgundy is a standout, last seen in 1985, a vintage gem chased down by Air Jordan collectors. After almost 38 years, a fresh gen of sneakerheads is about to experience the OG glory of this Jordan 1 Metallic. Jordan 1 High 85 Metallic

Metallic Jordan 1s, Crashing 2024 After So Long

Original AJ1s along the line of  ‘Chicago’ get all the heat lately. But check this, back in 1985, the Metallic Series dropped along with the Iconic OGs Six pairs in total, and the ‘Metallic Red’? Been a highly coveted gem ever since.

Fast forward to 2020, Jordan Brand brought back the metallic vibes but on the Jordan 4s. Limited to four colorways: purple, green, red, and orange.

And so  2024’s gonna hit us with the return of the elusive Jordan 1 low metallic blue. Plus the HOT Jordan 1 Metallic Burgundy! And for extra pizzaz, we’re also getting the Jordan 1 Metallic Gold.AJ1 Metallic White Gold

Jordan 1 low metallic blue

 Breaking Down the Allure of the Metallic Burgundy Jordan 1

Now, the Jordan 1 Metallic Burgundy rocks a premium leather build. Serving up mad vintage vibes and top-tier quality. This version features a deeper red shade, bringing that extra charm to the game. And that extra allure requires extra care! So, dive into this ultimate guide on the best Jordan cleaners taking the game by storm right now!air Jordan 1 metallic burgundy

This Jordan 1 85 High is Coming Soon!  Unleashing Serious Profit Potential!

Lucky for us, the wait for this epic Jordan 1 Metallic will be short! Mark your calendars for February 16th, 2024, and make sure you got $200 on you! Now, we know this ain’t your standard Jordan 1 retail game with that higher price point. However, here’s the deal, it’s not just any basic Jordan 1, it’s a game-changer in the reselling hustle! These kicks are flipping for a cool $2K on the aftermarket, so you gotta play your cards right for this one! 

Check this out, a killer SNKRS bot is your real MVP, and trust us, it’s proven solid. Quality cops call for a top-tier sneaker bot! Best of luck, fam!

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