Jacquemus Nike Air Humara – Shit That Belongs on a Catwalk!

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High-end fashion meets the sneaker industry is the gift that keeps on giving. And the latest addition to that luxurious mess is the Jacquemus Nike partnership! Although it’s a whole thing, you know how we’re sneakerheads at heart and will mostly care about the kicks. So, will the Jacquemus Nike Air Humara live up to our fancy expectations? Or will it be just another high-end flop? Let’s find out together and check out the whole collection! And since we’re talking about Nike Air, did you know that Nike Air Flight 89 is making a comeback? Read this if you wanna know more about it!


Jacquemus Nike: Blending Style and Performance!

Before we get into the kicks, we wanna talk about the whole collection. Before arriving at Nike SNKRS, the collab dropped exclusively on the Jacquemus site. In June 2022, we got a collection of 15 items. From dresses to tennis skirts, sports bras, and hoodies, you get to buy a full fit! But we all know that shit won’t be complete without the right sneakers. And for that, the designer Simon Parte Jacquemus chose his favorite Nike kicks and gave them a revamp. The end result was the cool Jacquemus Nike Air Humara in two colorways!

The Kicks: I Nude Like to Have a Pair!

jacquemus-nike-air-humara-beige-brownSo nude color palettes seem to be the main theme at Jacquemus. So it’s only natural that the kicks will come in these shades. The first pair will come in beige, while the second will be in brown. And let’s just put that out there, Jacquemus’ take on the silhouette is definitely an upgrade. The upper will feature a mix of suede and leather with polyester additions. But the coolest bit is the tiny golden swoosh on the leather side panels! And finally, the Jacquemus branding on the outsole completes the luxurious feel of the kicks.

Release Deets

Although the Jacquemus-exclusive release happened months ago, it’s never too late to try your Nike SNKRS luck! So if you really wanna do this, the collection will drop on September 10, 2022. The prices will range from $40 to $175, but the Jacquemus Nike Air Humara will retail for $170. And if you cop these babies, you can flip them on the aftermarket and make $100 in profit easily!

How to Cop the Jacquemus Nike Air Humara?

We all love to cop sneakers, especially when we take Ws. But to avoid that Nike SNKRS L, you need to get a good Nike bot. That’s not all though; you need to hook that shit up with the right proxies and Nike accounts. Otherwise, you might as well kiss them kicks goodbye! A Nike bot like TSB can give you the fair odds you need to succeed. It has been successfully doing so for its users for a while now! So make sure you check it out before drop day. Good luck fam!

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