J Balvin Jordan 1: The First Latin Artist to Do an Air Jordan

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Any idea what J Balvin’s Mcdonald’s order is? A Big Mac and Oreo McFlurry! How do we know that? Well, we happened to check out J Balvin’s collaboration with McDonald’s this year, following Travis Scott’s September meal. A huge merch collection inspired by the Colombian reggaeton artist’s “McFrenzy” dropped in October 2020. And it’s pretty obvious our reggae J-man is keeping busy this fourth quarter. Since he’ll officially be the first Latin artist to collaborate with Air Jordan in December 2020!

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J Balvin Jordan 1 “Tie Dye”

Although this J Balvin Jordan 1 collaboration looks nothing like the Jordan 1 Tie Dye that dropped earlier this year, it adopts the same title. Unlike the release for ocean goddesses, it takes on a vibrant multicolor exterior. It displays a layered canvas with spiky edges for a sketchy effect. In addition to an exposed foam tongue and J Balvin icons in velcro. Including neon-colored smiley faces with bolts for eyes! A blue, green, and yellow tie dye dominates the frontal and heel area of the sneaker. And a red and orange tie dye adds some warmth to its midsection. This super dope collaboration is like a walking thermal check! With smiley faces and funky spikes that youngsters will absolutely go crazy for. 


The First J Balvin Jordan Collaboration in History Yo!

Expect the J Balvin Jordan 1 “Tie Dye” to drop on the 8th of December at a retail price of $175. With the $2K resale value J Balvin’s genius is reselling for, you’re gonna want to cop it at retail. Keep in mind that this is the first time the Jordan brand collaborates with a Latin artist. And by looking at the results, we’re guessing it won’t be the last J Balvin Jordan 1 collaboration. It’s clear that the artist has poured his music identity into this Jordan creation. So we CANNOT wait for future releases that might be in store for the reggae and Jordan fam!


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