Air Force 1 Kobe Bryant 2024 Revives Lakers-Colored ‘03 PE AF1!

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In 2002, the sneaker world shook as Kobe Bryant parted ways with Adidas. Shelling out $8 million for freedom! This meant during the 2002-2003 NBA season, Kobe could wear any shoe he wanted. And that’s when some of Kobe’s most legendary shoes were born. One of these rare gems was the Air Force 1 Kobe Bryant! Fast forward to 2024, after the Lakers honored the late NBA star with an iconic statue, we got some big news. These golden AF1s are BACK in their timeless colorway! So, let’s take a look at these HOT Kobe shoes and why you need to get them.AF1 Kobe Bryant 2024

Air Force 1 Kobe Bryant: Gem Of The Free Agency Era

This year, the hype for Nike Kobe shoes is off the charts! From the classic Kobe 4 Gold Medal to the vibrant Kobe 8 Mambacita, we can’t get enough! Yet, the OG colorways, hold a special place in our hearts no one can fill!

Paying tribute to Kobe’s exclusive “Home” PE, the Kobe Air Force 1 2024 pair rocks a white, varsity maize, and varsity purple color combo. Coupled with the amazing Air Force High-performance materials and features, these kicks are solid. Simply put, these kicks are pretty awesome and you’ll wanna snag a pair or two

But remember, with these hot shoes, you can’t go wrong. Be sure to check out the Air Force 1 size guide for the perfect fit!Air Force 1 Kobe

Release Info: Big Drop Alert, Don’t Skip!

The Air Force 1 Kobe Bryant will most likely drop sometime in Summer 2024, for $145. Rumors suggest a potential release on Mamba Day 2024 (in August), but this info is still unofficial. However, considering the $600 resale value of the 2009 pair, the 2024 AF1 Kobe seems to follow the path. So, it’s definitely worth trying to snag a pair on drop day.

But to increase your chances, you’ll need extra help. Especially since everyone will go crazy to catch a pair for retail. Just make sure you’re a pro at copping sneakers on drop day and stay updated with our ultimate blog. Then, you’re good to go!

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