Top 5 Nike Sacai Sneakers: And Will the Next Blazer Lows Join Them?

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Here at TSB, we are obviously Swoosh lovers. Duh! Nike is the shit, fam! Always have been, always will be. But we’re always in for the new works, too. Some cool-ass collabs never hurt! And among our favorite collaborative kicks, are the Nike Sacai sneakers.

The best thing Nike has done recently is move this brand from the runway to the playground. The two partnered up and set the world on fire a few years back, and are still doing so. But as much as we’re Nike die-hard fans, we’ve got to admit, Chitose Abe is also the shit. She just excellently applied Sacai’s layering techniques to Nike’s history, not only with all the cool materials used but also with the styles of sneakers.

But this post isn’t about no Nike sacai sneaker history. We’re here to hit you with our personal favorite sneaker collabs between the two. Plus a little surprise towards the end.

Our Top 5 favorite Nike Sacai Sneakers:


5. Nike Blazer Mid x Sacai (Snow Beach and White Black Legend Blue, 2019)

Nike-Sacai-SneakersAn OG collab between both, even though in the top 5, but it ranks as last for us. Basically, that’s due to how much we liked the other silhouettes.

We love this one frankly because it gave us a taste of what a Sacai x Nike collab will look like. After all, it was the first shoe we witnessed with all the layers and doubles, constructing the shoes in a sick way we’ve never seen before. Double tongues and double Swooshes have become a mainstay for the Nike x Sacai collaborations, now.

This sneaker arrived in two colourways, Snow Beach and White Black Legend Blue, for $140 USD. Both these Nike Sacai Sneakers were a hit when they dropped.


4. Nike Blazer Mid x Sacai (White Grey & Black Grey, 2019)


Another release of their OG Blazer Mid, but in a more toned-down colorway. Sneakerheads needed a more wearable shoe, and Nike x Sacai listened. The re-release of this silhouette came dressed in White Grey and Black Grey tones this time. But all the insane details that made this OG what it was were kept intact.

Our favorite out of the two, though, was the White Grey pair. The shoe came dress in an all-white clean shade and accented with minimal details of light grey, providing some soft contrast. Double Swooshes arrived one in white and the other in grey, and the co-branding on the heels confirmed the collab between Nike and Sacai.


3. Nike LDV Waffle x Sacai (Black White & White, 2020)



The LDV Waffle is without a doubt one of the all-time greatest collaborations. The combination of Nike silhouettes and the cool design concept that Abe brought to the shoe simply made it irresistible.

This 2020 release was just epic. It dropped in lovely clean Black and White colourways for $160 each. The pair was a re-release of the collab’s most successful Nike Sacai Sneakers but was way easier to cop, thankfully. A good solid everyday kick for them fashionable fans.


2. Vaporwaffle (Multiple Colorways. 2020/2021)


The second runner up was not so hard on us to pick. This release was teased for so long before it dropped. It was also initially unveiled at the Paris Fashion Week and is inspired by both the Pegasus Vaporfly and the Pegasus Vaporwaffle. Similar to what we’re used to, it has all the funky layering and unique details that give Sacai collabs so much hype.

This Sacai x Nike Vaporwaffle also dropped in multiple colorways. First up were the Black White and Sail Sport Waffle. The double swooshes remained on the shoe, with one Swoosh stitched and the other spray painted on top.

And in case you didn’t feel that the heel was extreme enough for you on the LD Waffle, these Vaporwaffle Nike Sacai Sneakers will do you good. This shoe technically featured a shelf on the back of it. And that was just the cherry on top of this model with all the double aspects that you already know Sacai for. With a retail price of $180, this pair is poopin’ insane. But then again, is it really if it’s a Sacai shoe?


1.    LDV Waffle x Sacai Daybreak (Blue & Green, 2019)


This is basically the shoe we owe a big thanks you to! It’s what started it all and what put the entire sneaker industry on notice. Now don’t get us wrong, fam. Collabs of Nike Sacai Sneakers were fun and all, but they never really got us talking up until the release of these two LDV Waffles.

The thing about this shoe is that it mixed old school with new, and retro style with a futuristic design. And that’s an approach to die-for. The design of these is already so special. But add to that the unique fusion of awesome colors and materials, and that was just it for us. This Daybreak Sacai broke the typical mold and all records when it comes to our favorite out of all collabs. An extraordinary pair with an impressive abstract shape that took our breath away. It isn’t just eye-catching, it’s impossible not to notice if you are flexing this one, fam!

Chapeau bas to both Nike and Abe as this sneaker checked every box for us. With both colorways being so extra, we are head over heals for the Blue Daybreak pair, which is reselling now for an average of $640. This shoe is a no-brainer number 1 for us!


So, this was our breakdown of one of the most iconic collaborations between a streetwear Giant and a luxury fashion brand. And good news for the fans, as it looks like Nike and Sacai are going to release another bizarre pair very soon.


Sacai x Nike’s latest Effort: Two sacai x Nike Blazer Lows

Nike-Sacai-Sneakers Nike-Sacai-Sneakers

The brands have been teasing us for months now with different shots of these kicks. But it’s official now that the “Magma Orange” and “Classic Green” colorways are coming at us in a matter of days.

The Blazer Low features a white leather upper and carries a multiple of doubled-up details that are the signature distinguishing touch about this shoe. As usual, two Swooshes appear on the mid-panel: orange and yellow for the “Magma Orange” and white and green for the “Classic Green” one. Tongues, laces, eyestay plackets, and details on the heels also continue to arrive in doubles. Add to that, branding that appears from both labels with their signatures added to the tongue and insoles.

These two dope Blazer Lows in “Magma Orange” and “Classic Green” are set to release on May 26, with each expected to cost you a good $120 USD.

But Seriously, How Do You Plan to Cop?

Well, if you’re a true sneakerhead, you know copping at retail is a big fat joke. And if you’re new member of this industry, after reading this post, you should get the feel of exclusivity regarding these kicks. What does this mean? Simple: bots! Yes. To grab yourself a pair of these Nike Sacai Sneakers, you must get a copy of the best and shittiest bot out there. Other than that, we always got your back here, in case you wanna learn more about TSB, the best Nike SNKRS bot!


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