Streetwear Brands That Could Make You More Than Jordans!

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Ever noticed how streetwear and sneakers are like peanut butter and jelly? If you’re a die-hard sneakerhead, you get how epic collabs with streetwear brands bring serious drip. And if you’re a pro reseller, you know these drops often skyrocket in value! Indeed, flipping hyped streetwear can outpace a 9-to-5 grind in earnings. But with countless brands out there, we gotta focus on those with huge followings and crazy resale values. That’s why we’ve curated the top streetwear brands for 2024 that are totally WORTH investing in. You know those that not only rake in massive profits but also reign as trend royalty!best-streetwear-brands

Best Streetwear Brands Every Cash Hunter Should Know

#1 Supremestreetwear brands Supreme

Let’s kick off this exciting lineup with the world’s most famous streetwear brand: Supreme. Among the top streetwear brands fueling our passion and wallets, Supreme is the real deal! Originating as a modest skateboard shop in ’94, it skyrocketed to fame with its low-supply and high-demand hustle. Lucky us, Supreme hype is back in a big time in 2024! This season’s collaborations are nothing short of iconic.

As always, a Supreme BOGO disappears in the blink of an eye, whether it’s a hoodie, sweatshirt, or tee. Anything sporting that iconic Supreme Box logo is a treasure worth chasing! And the payoff? It’s huge! Supreme drives the hottest drops in streetwear that consistently turn gold on the aftermarket. However, catching these hot drops on release day is tough without a quick Supreme bot. So, better arm yourself with one homie!

#2 Off-Whitestreetwear brands Off-White

You gotta know there are brands like Supreme causing a serious stir in the game, and Off-White is one of the heavyweights. The late Virgil Abloh founded Off-White in 2012 and totally flipped the script on luxury streetwear brands. He didn’t just create a brand; he changed the whole game. Later, he took over Louis Vuitton’s menswear, proving he’s the king of both street style and high fashion.

Off-White’s collab with Nike, especially the Off-White Jordan 1 Chicago, set the scene on fire, reselling for about $4,950! That’s serious cash for serious style. With other big-name collabs like IKEA, Levi’s, Jimmy Choo, and more Off-White keeps pushing the boundaries. Even after Abloh’s passing! So, stay awake on this next-level streetwear brand!

#3 Stüssy streetwear brands Stüssy

Next up, we have one of the oldest players in the game: Stüssy. Founded by Shawn Stussy in 1980, this California-based brand started with surfwear before embracing skateboarding and hip-hop. Basically making it a streetwear brand giant. Today, Stüssy’s influence spans the globe with branches worldwide. When it comes to standout Stüssy pieces, the 2005 Nike Dunk collaboration is a real heavy hitter. Reselling at an average of $2,753, it’s a timeless gem in today’s resale market. 

Plus, this year, a highly anticipated new Nike Stüssy collab dropped and made serious waves! Also, recent collabs with Levi’s, Patta, and more are heating things up. The bottom line? Stüssy is one of the best streetwear brands out there so better don’t miss out!

#4 KITHstreetwear brands KITH

In 2011, Kith blew up New York, turning the runways into an all-out experience. With collabs featuring Champion, Off-White, Moncler, and Nike, plus NBA legends like LeBron James and Scottie Pippen in the mix, Kith was on fire. Their gear? Clean lines, top-tier materials, and mad versatility. Basically, from buzz-worthy collabs to must-have basics, every piece screams urban cool. Our fave? The ultra-rare Kith x Air Force 1. In fact, these kicks are worth a whopping $2,500+! With only 100 pairs in existence, they’re pure gold. Lucky us, Kith keeps setting trends, making waves, and redefining streetwear with serious style. So, make sure to keep an eye out!

#5 PalacePalace

This British streetwear brand slays with its legendary triangle logo and killer sense of humor! It might not be as rare as Supreme, but it’s got a global cult following. Plus, they’re rocking stores in the UK, US, and Japan. Born in ’09, this brand’s only 15 years deep but already owns the game! From dope collabs with Adidas and Crocs to trippy rock vibes, every piece screams Palace cool. And in 2024, Palace definitely earned its spot among the top streetwear brands shaking up the world!

#6 Fear of GodFear of God

Fear of God, born in 2013, taps into Lorenzo’s roots with heavy ’80s vibes from The Breakfast Club, ’90s grunge à la Kurt Cobain and Allen Iverson, and nods to baseball culture. Picture plaid flannel shirts with zippers, oversized bombers, raw-hemmed shorts, striped tees, and timeless smart-casual designs. Basically, like other hot streetwear brands on this list, Fear of God is smashing it in the resale game. Remember the 2023 Fear of God x Saint Mxxxxxx Saint of God Hoodie? It sold for a cool $1,034. And to top it off, they’ve not only teamed up with Nike before but recently linked up with Adidas too.  Well with all that said, you gotta keep your radar on this this game-changer!

#7 Comme Des GarconsComme Des Garcons

Founded in 1969 by Rei Kawakubo, this streetwear brand revolutionized Japanese fashion with Parisian flair and bold silhouettes. Their avant-garde designs have reshaped streetwear, earning them a tribute at the 2017 Met Gala. CDG’s iconic heart logo has sparked collabs with Converse, drawing a diverse fanbase from Drake to Alexa Chung. Plus, their partnerships with Nike and Supreme generated unmatched buzz, highlighted by the Nike Air Force 1 Low Supreme Comme des Garcons. Basically, these AF1s are going for a hefty $913 in resale. Now, CDG is set to continue its momentum with Nike & others in 2024, promising even more craze!

How Can You Catch These Cool Streetwear?

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