Sacai’s Nike Vaporwaffle Dark Iris: The Perfect SS21 Pair!

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Flowers are blooming and spring’s here with the pollen allergy in the air! How is that relevant to kicks though? Well fam, you gotta step back and take a look at the big picture. We’re getting a pretty flower-ish pair of the collaborative Sacai x Nike Vaporwaffle! So why should sneakerheads cop this baby? And what’s with the name? We’ll answer the questions, and TSB will poop them kicks right to your doorstep on drop day! (It’ll do that to your summer Jordans too) And speaking of poops, did you catch the Kobe Grinch restock with TSB?

Sacai x Nike Vaporwaffle Dark Iris: Lowkey Japanese Tribute?

It’s a tale as old as time… or something like that. That’s how people start every interesting story, don’t they? But you’re in luck, we really do have a cool story behind these kicks, without all the razzle-dazzle! So, the iris in the name of the kicks comes all the way from ancient Greece! Legend goes that Iris is the goddess of the rainbow, which she can control.  She also has superhuman speed, and that’s fitting for a pair of sneakers! In other words, some kicks can help you run like a champ.


Fast forward to botany! The flower iris got its name from the Greek goddess because it comes in many colors. However, the iris we found interest in is the Japanese Iris, aka Ensata. It’s a purple flower with dark yellow on the inside! See the connection? We knew you’d get there fam. This could be a low-key tribute from the Japanese designer Chitose Abe to her homeland!


Everything You Need to Know!

The upcoming Sacai Nike Vaporwaffle, as you can imagine, rocks a pretty cool purple upper with a dark orange swoosh and heel. Alright, the color is poppin’ but what else is special about them Vaporwaffles? Besides the color, the material altogether changed. Instead of the usual mesh and suede design, we’re getting a mish-mash of nylon, suede, and leather! That’s pretty cool because the nylon gives a more sportswear vibe to the kicks. Either way, we’re totally copping on drop day! And speaking of that…

sacai-nike-vaporwaffle-dark-iris    sacai-nike-vaporwaffle-dark-iris-2021

When’s Sacai Nike Vaporwaffle Dark Iris Dropping?

After lots of leaks and speculations, we got us a release date! The purple Sacai Nike Vaporwaffle will drop on April 27, 2021, for $180. Seriously fam, you can’t and shouldn’t skip on a pair like that. Why? Because you can flip the pair for $900 on average! And if you get lucky with the sizes, you’ll cash in big time. But, how does a sneakerhead avoid the Nike SNKRS L? Duh, you get TSB, the shittiest bot in the Nike game. And if you manage to cop multiple pairs, it’s cha-chinggg for you baby! Good luck!

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