The Off White Air Force 1 Green Spark Drops in a Few Days!

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Alright shitfam! Who’s ready for one hot serving of Off-White kicks? Although Virgil’s passing left a bitter taste in every fashion junkie’s mouth, his legacy lives on! And 2022 already had its share of Off-White releases. But after months of teasing, the Off White Air Force 1 Green Spark will finally arrive! And this time, you’ll actually have a shot at owning a pair. Why? Well, you gotta read on to find out all the release deets! And just in case you missed it, Travis Scott seems to have new kicks cooking. Check it all out right here!


An Artsy History of Air Force Collabs

So today, it’s all about art, museums, and sneakers! Odd combination, but with artists like Virgil Abloh, you’ll be surprised with what goes where. So anyway, back in 2018, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) hosted Abloh’s “Figures of Speech” exhibit. And to commemorate that moment, we got the Black Off White AF1. That pair is worth $4,270 on average in resale today fam.


Fast forwards to 2019, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago (MCA) hosted the exhibit. And for that occasion, Virgil and Nike gave us the same pair of Air Force 1 in a university blue colorway! The kicks dropped as a raffle at the MCA, so you had to be there to get them. These babies are grails to so many people in the industry. And if you don’t know what that means, check out our sneaker kicktionary here!


Another two years passed by, and Figures of Speech reached the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston (ICA). So in 2021, fans of the sneaker collabs had the chance to get the university gold colorway! This pair was also a regional release, so Boston peeps got the chance to join the raffle. Today, the pair is worth $1,600 on average, aka a bucketload of cash!


Off White Air Force 1 Green Spark for the Brooklyn Museum!

The new Off White Air Force 1 Green Spark, aka Brooklyn, is another tribute to the new Figures of Speech location! If you’re wondering what the difference is, it’s just the colorway. The usual shit we love about Off-White kicks is still here. From the silver swoosh to the hangtag and signature text, we got it all. But the coolest bit about these babies is that they’re all green! Now whether you wear a color like that or not is up to you. But either way, the kicks are totally worth adding to your sneaker collection!


Release Deets

Dun dun duunnnn! Before you feel down about not getting to own any of these kicks, let’s spill some tea! The upcoming Off White Air Force 1 Green Spark drops on September 13, 2022, but that’s not the best bit. These babies will actually release on Nike SNKRS US and will retail for $160! And at an average resale value of $2,800, you sure are gonna make some killer profit. But how will you catch those?

How to Get ‘Em Off White Air Force 1 Green Spark?

Y’all be trippin’ if you think that you can manually cop these babies. Low stock and high demand; a recipe for an easy L! So get them crazy ideas outta your head and start looking for the right sneaker bot to help you with this profitable mess! We can make this search a whole lot easier though and tell you that TSB’s the bot you’re looking for.

TSB’s one of the best and most consistent SNKRS bots on the market. It hasn’t missed a single drop for months across 50 regions globally! Our latest success includes everything from Jordans to Dunks and Air Maxes! Basically, everything Nike drops, TSB can cop easily and in mass! You can enjoy all this success and features and start a sneaker resale business for only $300 a year. So hop on the ride of your life fam!

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