Nike SB Dunk Low Elephant Addresses the Hype in the Room

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The BEARBRICK x Atmos elephant is a longer story than an elephant print on a toy or Nike sneaker. First of all, for those of you who don’t know what BEARBRICK and Atmos are, here’s the gist. BEARBRICK is a famous toy creation by Japanese toy brand Medicom. Which only this year collaborated with Nike for a Nike SB sneaker and toy combo. And Atmos is a Japanese sneaker and streetwear brand founded in 2000. With major collaborators such as Nike, PUMA, Asics, and Adidas. Cool? Now, BEARBRICK and Atmos, both being super innovative Japanese brands, delivered the “atmos elephant.” Which iconically matches a grey elephant print with teal blue details. The Nike Air Max 1 Atmos Elephant dropped an OG in 2007 and a Retro in 2017. Which makes the timing perfect for the first Nike SB Dunk Low Elephant!


Black Fri-YAY With The Shit Bot in 2020

With Black Friday coming up real soon, hawk eye us @The_Shit_Bot like your sneakerhead life depends on it. Cause with November Jordans here to make a scene and Holiday Nikes rounding up, it just might. We restocked once before in time for the Off White Jordan 4 release. And we just might do it again this year! We ain’t shitting on your nerves, fam. With Black Friday and the Holidays coming up, we’re here to own up to your expectations. So, keep a close eye on our Twitter announcements this coming month. Cause although we like to keep our shit random, we make sure to always deliver what matters.

Nike SB Dunk Low Elephant Is Atmos Inspired

As mentioned above, this Nike SB Dunk Low Elephant takes on the same elephant print/blue colorway as its Air Max 1 predecessors. The Air Max 1 atmos Elephant dropped in 2007 and is worth at least $1K thirteen years later. Although it was one of the most popular silhouettes to drop that year, it took it ten years to appear again in 2017. The Retro version of the Air Max 1 atmos Elephant is worth even higher at a minimum of $1,200 on GOAT. Safe to say that the Nike SB Dunk Low Elephant is just the spark this thirteen year old legacy needs. Is there a better way to make hype official than introduce a Nike SB to it? 

At $110 at retail, we think not. Especially if it’s a Nike SB Pro B, which explains the ten extra bucks to the regular 100. Expect this Atmos elephant Dunk to drop on November 11 and resell for up to $1,350. There won’t be any elephants in the room after copping this!


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