Nike Lakers EMB Dunks Are Hoopin’ Their Way Into the US!

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New week, new shit to get our pants in a twist! And you know there ain’t nothing better than a new Nike Dunk to add to our sneaker rotation. But the new Nike Lakers Dunks are taking it a step further and giving every basketball fan a treat. But naturally, the pair will be extra meaningful to you if you’re a Lakers fan. We all love some sentimental crap fam. So if you’re not going anywhere, better check out this pair!


A Pretty Bold Tribute!

Well, Nike didn’t explicitly go for the Lakers logo, but well, they went close enough without being an official collab! We know that Dunks are actually pillars among basketball sneakers. We know that the 1980s were exciting years, we got the Jordan 1s, Dunks, AF1s, and a cool story! So, it’s natural for Nike to go for this silhouette for a “not obvious” tribute to the L.A Lakers.

What Do the Nike Lakers Dunks Look Like?

The upcoming Nike Lakers Dunks come in a denim-like black upper with purple leather overlays. That ain’t all though, because the swoosh with its golden yellow leather looks bomb with the rest of the color-blocking. The midsole is white while the outsole is black, and we won’t have it any other way!


But the actual detail that made us scream “Take my money!” is the heel. You know, it’s not your usual plain heel with a pull tab. It actually has a bold “Nike” embroidery right there! And it comes in the hard-to-miss Lakers font we all know. And that kids, is why this pair’s name is obviously Nike Lakers Dunk. Well, along with the obvious color-blocking…

Nike Lakers Dunk Release Deets

So unfortunately for the US peeps, the kicks already dropped back in April, but not in the US! Only a lucky few in select locations got to cop the Nike Lakers Dunk. And finally, we got a Nike SNKRS release date! The kicks will drop on May 28, 2021, for $110! So if you’re looking for a collectible, this is it. You can also flip it for around $250, it’s a win-win for you, so why not go for multiple pairs?


Cop the new Nike Lakers Dunks

We all know and felt at some point the SNKRS L. So what to do if you wanna cop in bulk and avoid that shit? You get a Nike SNKRS bot! Lucky for you, TSB is the baddest shit around the world. And with the latest updates, it’ll do its best to give you a fair chance at owning a pair of Dunks. You know, with Dunks being all the rage in 2021. Oh, and make sure you check out our Twitter for all bot and sneaker-related news!

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