Nike Dunk Women Dress in Purple and Yellow! [Aug 2021]

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Hello August 2021 and fresh colorways! If you thought that the tie-dye trend is gone, better think again. That shit be stayin’ whether we like it or not. So if you’re a chica on a mission or a guy trying to impress a sneakerhead lady, better read on. We got a pretty solid lineup of awesome kicks for the rest of the summer. That lineup includes the sick Jordan 1 low Shattered Backboard too, so check that out here. But what we wanna cop first are the upcoming Nike Dunk women colorways!


Yellow Kicks Never Hurt Anyone: Nike Dunk Women Yellow Strike

The upcoming Nike Dunk women Yellow Strike is a pretty awesome pair for hot August days. So if you’re looking for popping colors that don’t really look tacky, we gotchu. The kicks feature a white leather upper with yellow tie-dye overlays. A suede yellow swoosh completes the look, but that’s definitely not all. The white laces are apparently UV-sensitive, aka they change colors when you expose them to sunlight! Trust awesome shit like that to Nike, right?


Release Deets

The Yellow Nike Dunk women will drop on August 18, 2021, for $110. Hurry and grab multiple pairs, because if you flip ‘em for $180 on average, you’ll make $$$! Not much, but it’s honest work fam. No, but really, everybody starts small at some point in the reselling business.

Nike Dunk Women Take a Purple Twist!

So the Purple Pulse keeps the same energy as the Yellow Strike Dunks. Don’t get us wrong, we ain’t complaining! The purple tie-dye leather looks like a dream along with the sun-sensitive laces. Now imagine that you decide to go crazy with your look and go for a mix and match in both colorways. If you like what you see, then the Purple Pulse Nike Dunk women is a must-have!


Release Deets

So just like the first pair, the purple colorway will drop on August 18, 2021, for $110. And the fact that they actually resell for $290 on average seals the deal for us, right? So make sure you do your best to get both kicks and make some easy money!

How to Get These Dunks… And Others

So, pretty sneakers, hype sneakers, high resale sneakers. These kicks are hypebeast and sneakerhead magnets for sure. So how do you make sure you get a fair chance at this shit? Well, you get yourself a Nike SNKRS bot to save yourself the L and pain. (Trust us on that one…) Anyway, we got a list of 2021’s best Nike bots in the game. But having a bot won’t get you anywhere near that shit if you ain’t using it right. The right proxies and SNKRS accounts should also come in handy! So make sure you get used to your bot before running on drop day. Good luck!

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