Nike Bodega Dunk High “Legend”: If We Build It, You Will Cop

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The Nike Bodega Dunk High “Legend” is a total Concepts x Nike SB Dunk “Turkey” lookalike! They both own up to their rustic brown exteriors with all-time American dreaming. Cause there ain’t no American dream without a Thanksgiving turkey and a hard game of baseball! The Nike Bodega collaboration is reminiscent of baseball legends. It’s actually designed with the intention of being passed on to generations. This ain’t a regular Nike Dunk collaboration. It’s a sneaker antique worth holding on to: the ultimate sneaker reselling magnet. 


Nike Bodega Dunk High “Legend”: Best Dunk of 2020?!

Bodega, one of the top curators of popular fashion and footwear, opened shop in Boston in 2006. With over ten years of experience in the retail biz, Bo’s diverse taste in fashion is undeniable. It’s been working with hot brands like Nike, Stussy, Human Made, Air Jordan, and many more for several years. Only now, it has the guts and experience to collaborate with Nike for a Dunk High release worth thousands of dollars. 

The Nike Bodega Dunk High “Legend” incorporates tumbled leather, hairy suede, and tortoiseshell in a black, brown, and white colorway. The mid section of the sneaker displays hairy brown suede and an interplay of black and brown leather on the lacing system. The real artwork in this Nike Bodega collab is the tortoiseshell Swoosh jewel. In addition to the stitch detailing on the heel area. The harmony between these two unique elements nods to the history of the baseball mitt and sets this sneaker among Nike legends. Which is the raw intention of this collaboration: a cultural creation that stands the test of time. 


Ready to Own Your Field of Dreams?

This legendary release will first drop via a Bodega raffle on December 28th. It will restock on Nike two days later on the 30th. Retailing only for $120, this regular priced Dunk is reselling for $2,000 on GOAT. The resale chain on this mitt-sy treat is likely to increase with time. So make sure you cop this jewel at retail! If you’re copping with The Shit Bot in the last week of December, you’re in luck before the champagne starts poppin’! 

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